Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials


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Reviewed by lukem-527608 / 10


The Maze Runner films are an Awesome Trilogy & i think i like this part "The Scorch Trials" best. Here Thomas & his crew are on the run into the dangerous desert wastelands called The Scorched Earth, a place full of Danger & most dangerous of all are the Infected humans who have turned into Zombie creatures called Cranks. These "Cranks" look Awesome & make for terrifying creatures that are out there ready to rip-apart any human. This film has a more Horror feel to it & that's why i loved it best. There's an incredible, intense & exciting sequence where Thomas & his gang are in a buried building in the sand & it's dark & scary & full of ferocious killer Cranks that chase them through the big old building/Mall type place & it's so intense & scary & a proper Horror movie scene. The characters are all great again here, especially Thomas as the troubled leader of the group & we get, much later in the movie, a great Little role from Barry Pepper, one of the most underrated actors out there & one of my personal favourite actors ever!!! Here the always intense & rugged Barry Pepper plays a tough wasteland warrior named Vince & although it's a small part for Pepper it's a great role & he steals the show as soon as he's on screen. Here Thomas must survive the scorched earth & evade the evil WKD empire. A thrilling adventure.

The Scorch Trials is a blast of Action & Apocalyptic sci-fi Horror with a great ensemble cast & great effects.

Reviewed by grandmastersik4 / 10

Vapid sequel that raises serious questions about the point of the first film

If you're a teenager looking for some adventure that isn't all "dark" and "gritty" - the buzz words of films nowadays - then you may enjoy this. If, however, you can't stop asking WHY? constantly, then you'll most likely end up hating it.

The Maze Runner wasn't a very good film; in fact, I only watched this because I was in the room with somebody who wanted to see it, so I gave it a chance just to see if an explanation for the first film came about.

The surviving teens from the Maze Runner link up with kids from other Mazes, and the first one of them to arrive at the prison-like complex shows Thomas, the film's hero, enough to make him question a conspiracy against the teens... that soon leads to them making an escape.

With zombie-like creatures beyond the complex, the teens go from out of the frying pan into the fire, as they discover that they are immune to the virus, which is why the were sent to the mazes in the first place.

Okay, so if they're immune, why did one of them get infected? No, that's not a spoiler, it's actually what we all expect to happen given the amount of zombie films we've all seen, but if you can let that go, you can carry on.

The teens then reach a settlement and decide that they want to hook up with the resistance, because The Hunger Games are so popular. I mean, there may be another reason, but in an apparently hopeless world, one would imagine that their best bet would be to seek out land to cultivate and become the new leaders of society... after all, isn't that what the Glade was preparing them for?

No, it wasn't. In fact, the motives behind the first film are never explained, but instead just become more and more ridiculous as the plot plods along, cliché and cliché. Let's face it: if Wicked already has medicine but requires the immune teenagers to obtain it, why stick them all in Mazes around the world to watch them get killed off?

If you can get past that, the end is another big cliché that absolutely no-one will ever see coming (irony),and then Thomas stands up, gives a speech and we can expect the decimated "resistance" to rise up against the evil enemy who doesn't seem to use lethal force against them, despite them using real bullets on Wicked's troops, in a third installment.

I bet you can't wait for it.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca4 / 10

Continuing blandness

THE SCORCH TRIALS is the second film in the MAZE RUNNER series, a series which is already outstaying its welcome thanks to the over-familiarity of the material which gives it a cookie-cutter feel. The kids from the last film have survived and escaped into a new world which turns out to be just as deadly as the last one. Expect the usual gamut of bland characterisation, an over-reliance on CGI to provide all of the landscape and action shots, and predictable twists and turns in the narrative. I enjoyed Aidan Gillen's presence here but that's about it. This is the kind of film that slips from my memory just moments after the credits roll, and the kind of film that I'll never have any interest in returning to - especially when there's so much better stuff out there.

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