Maybe I Do


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten31%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright61%
IMDb Rating5.610240

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Emma Roberts Photo
Emma Roberts as Michelle
Richard Gere Photo
Richard Gere as Howard
Susan Sarandon Photo
Susan Sarandon as Monica
Diane Keaton Photo
Diane Keaton as Grace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cdcrb5 / 10

too lame, even for hallmark.

For a short moment i was thinking this wasn't too bad. That didn't last long and things went steadily down hill. The acting is terrible all around. Susan sarandon says she never got a part from an audition. She obviously didn't audition here. The stupid plot goes like this. Cheating spouses end up at dinner with actual spouses and comedy ensues. They are together to save the relationship of their respective son and daughter. The son is having a hard time coming to grips with the reality of marriage. The ending is artificial and awkward. It seems the writers ran out of material and tacked it on. Weird. Save your dough.

Reviewed by markludas4 / 10

Well-meaning but lacking vision

The one thing i wanted to comment on about this movie is its dull visual style. There is almost no visual language at all. Every shot lacks almost any dynamism/movement. The color palette is fairly bland. The lighting is purely utilitarian. The weather is not used in any visually suggestive or symbolic way. There is a lot of grey, dark tones, shadows. In short, its dull visual quality only highlights the more talky and pedantic aspects of the script. It was originally a stage play and it's almost as if director Michael Jacobs-whose background is in TV-doesn't realize that a stage is at least well-lit. This is his directorial debut so I'll cut him some slack (as though he cares what I think lol),and I will admit I laughed a number of times. Macy gets all the good lines. Gere is stuffy and somnambulistic. Keaton is very good. Sarandon is okay too. I think Luke Bracey was the worst piece of acting in the film, and I imagine it's because he wasn't given enough takes, or that he didn't fully understand his character, which I would cut him some slack for because I didn't fully understand him for most of the film either. So, you can watch this movie, but I recommend stopping in the middle to get to bed and then forgetting to watch the rest.

Reviewed by sauuebgz3 / 10

Yes, that was me!

This was a movie of such contrived drivel that having to watch 'mature' characters who hadn't learned anything about how to be in this world along the way of their collective 260+ years on this planet made me squirm uncomfortably in my seat that the only saving grace was that the movie came in at 92 minutes in length.

So fed up was I, that without wanting to, a fairly loud sigh of exasperation left my upper respiratory tract and caused the biggest laugh of the night in the theater I attended of this star studded dud of an attempt at movie making. You shouldn't be surprised if something similar happens at your theater also. Hard Pass!!

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