Marooned Awakening


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ashplantbrandon10 / 10

A dark, thrilling narrative that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

This is a psychological thriller that, at its heart, is a journey of torment between a father and son as their relationship breaks down under the pressure of the loss of wife/mother from their lives, and the separate views for the future that neither of them share.

The film takes several turns and twists as the protagonist (Alex) uncovers the details behind an 'accident' that, along with his different outlook on life and his fathers traditional industry-based job, contributes to the feuding and rapturous breakdown between the pair.

Casting did an excellent job here; each actor has been carefully chosen for the character that they portray. The chemistry between 'Dad; and 'Alex' hits the right notes at every turn. Murray McArthur perfectly captures an alcoholic, crushed father that in the midst of grieving his dead wife, is outraged at his son who yearns to move to the City - he feels almost abandoned and betrayed by his son. Cameron embodies a young man in search of a life of his own - one that is different to the vision his father had. He struggles to communicate his reasons for wanting to leave to his father that, under the pressure, continues to crack and cave into a drunken state. Emotional performances from Tilly Keeper and Brian Webster, too.

The location is perfect, with the island serving as a character in the story as much as any other. The isolation and loneliness of the island adds to the state of mind of the protagonist and his outlook on life.

A fantastic film that keeps you thinking until the end. A very dark twist!

Reviewed by dalziel-1477310 / 10

Amazingly written and produced film.

An excellently wrote film, twists and turns throughout, a real cliff hanger. Fantastic acting, research of of character and portrayal of characters and the life experiences feeding through to this film. The movie is well acted, executed production and I look forward to see it's further success. The writing was so well thought and clever that I came away with two possible conclusions, thus I had to see it again to seive through the detail and clues. Any movie that makes you want to go back is nothing short of a success!

The casting for this film was excellent, each actor poured their own life experience into their roles which made the story very raw, believable and relatable.

I would recommend this film highly.

Reviewed by benbhunter10 / 10

Unique story with overly convincing performances

Unsure what I just watched, and yet it's perfect. It's not like any other film. There was only about 8 of us in the cinema but we all came out with our own version of the story. It's cleverly layered and perfect for a second watch.

Murray mcarthur is fantastic as a washed up father, and shows the complexities of a father-son relationship in a refreshing way. He shows how anger and disagreement can be centred in love and a fractious past. I haven't seen my dad since my mums funeral, we call, but the lacking mention of the mum between the two in the film is heartbreakingly relatable. Films like this and aftersun are starting to feel more real than real life in their presentations. Cameron ashplant is wonderfull in this. We go on the journey with him and it is hard to believe he's not genuinely thinking what he is saying, there is an honest conviction in every word and subtle expression. He definitely has a strong future as a front man in British dramas. Beautifully done. Tilly Keeper also gives a very strong performance central to giving Alex a purpose. The pair capture the real awkwardness of departure, how it feels in real life, not in movies. They have a real chemistry on screen. Keeper has shown a different character to her in eastenders and that she can do the bigger serious roles. What a journey the whole film is. Visually stunning, with thought provoking dialogue and a great score by Peter Wood. And again like afterun, the use of memory and thought is great. One to watch and revisit again. I did feel the ending was sudden. Maybe revisiting what we had already seen could have given us a bolder close, wrapping up the clever nuances. But just something small with the editing and direction there. It is a beautifully unique film.

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