Marilyn's Eyes

2021 [ITALIAN]

Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright100%
IMDb Rating6.6101512

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Miriam Leone as Clara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by emiliabresciani9 / 10

Moving and sensitive

It's a moving portrait of what society sees as imperfections of behaviour. The performance of the entire team is excellent. As a writer and a person who's worked in mental health I commend the writer and director of this film for it brings the viewers into the very essence of how people living with a condition feel. If a story touches the viewers then it is good.

Reviewed by Chris_Ego10 / 10

a humble nod to humanity and the flaws we are dealing with

"Marylin's Eyes" ("Marilyn ha gli occhi neri") is this year's biggest surprise on Netflix so far. The RomCom made me laugh, love and cry with it's adorable story dealing with psychiatric disorders, a wonderful cast and its very humanist approach. Of course the Italian flavor makes it perfect for me. Good food, precision, passion and heavy gesticulations are ever present.

Miriam Leone is such a charme as the notorious liar "Clara". The way she acts and uses her facial expressions is extremly appealing. Funnily she played in 2019's short "A Cup of Coffee with Marilyn" and here we see her again for a Marylin scene. But I am not going to tell more at this point.

Stefano Accorsi is her perfect love interest as the feisty "Diego". He managed to weave tics in his performance, which is a thing of his role. The rest of the cast is also acting it out. Really this film is a humble nod to humanity and the flaws we are dealing with. It makes you love the world a bit more. I never experienced this strong emotions with American actors in the past few years, so please give this Italian production a try.

Reviewed by zcgzzkdnj3 / 10


We watched mediocre acting like every netflix project.

I hope they can watch a good movie one day. In these days when we are longing for the cinema, we would like to watch a good movie at home.

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