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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fluffchop2 / 10

No laughs

This guy ruins his entire life to chase some hot hot "Danica McKellar" ass (If you know Family Guy you'll get the reference). Surely he should have known more about his wife before he married her. He said himself he was marrying into the business. So stick with that plan. I had half expected him to tell the Japanese the plan, which he did, but to then go and turn the company around for them and live happily ever after with his chosen chick. It's not well written to miss that obvious and rewarding feel good plot direction. It needed that sort of ending to boost the overall film. There's a featured review which is all lies that convinced me to give this movie a go. I can't believe how much worse it is than that review. The problem is that the "jokes" if you could call them that, are few and far between. It messes itself up with trying to have deep and meaningful romantic comedy undertones. It should be a completely debauched frat house style romp through depravity and degradation, in the wake of him finding out about his wife. It just doesn't play out very convincingly on any front.

Reviewed by tymasx1 / 10


I will not go into any specifics like a few reviewers. But this movie is NOT funny. And the controversial-off is ridiculous and bizarre. It totally killed a potentially decent movie. The obnoxious friend had potential to set up and do some great story telling, but went off into the wild west and went insane and lost it.

I did not see any "Comedy" in this film. A Romantic story gets beat up and trashed by idiotic story telling that makes no sense at all. I felt like I was watching a train wreck, I just couldn't stop, and was wondering would happen next in this masterful piece of s**t. I would not recommend this movie to a friend or anyone else.

Reviewed by Randy Parks8 / 10

Bold, Controversial Fun

So many movies these days try to blow people away with huge budgets and crazy special FX. This movie doesn't seem to have a huge budget, but it has huge laughs! It's refreshing to see an indie movie have fun and dare to be bold and different. While some people have compared this movie to The Hangover, I feel it was similar in some ways but also tried to take its' own bold approach to the raunchy comedy. There was definitely a lot of things that I did not expect and have never seen in any movie before.

It has both Joey Fatone and Danica McKellar featured in ways that you would probably never imagine them, which alone makes the movie worth checking out. One thing I did not see coming though is that it's the other unknown actors that really make the movie. I found myself really siding with Jake Matthews' and Stephen Medvidick's characters as they get themselves into crazy situation after crazy situation, ultimately leading to an end scene that I can only describe as the craziest, most "controversial" and laugh out loud comedy I have seen in a while.

I didn't know what to I would get when I picked up this movie. But it turned out to be a fun ride that you should give a chance. It's probably safe to say that you will either Love or Hate this movie because of how far they go, but it's a solidly done low budget film.

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