Mama's Boy


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten8%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled26%
IMDb Rating5.2105754

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Evan Peters as Keith
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Sarah Chalke as Maya
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Anna Faris as Nora Flannigan
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Diane Keaton as Jan Mannus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by simplysoda_19f5 / 10

Two thumbs up for Manwich!

Hey guys, I don't understand why everybody is knocking this film. I didn't think it was great, but it was good. I first saw Jon in his breakout film Napoleon Dynamite, and yes, it was pretty funny. He played a geeky guy in that movie, and a lot of people found his character kind of a geek in this movie. However, I liked him in this movie, probably because I was a geek in high school and I kind of bonded with his character. However I did not live at home with my Mom til I was in my 30's.

Jeff Daniels, well, you either liked his character or you didn't. I personally liked his character, he plays the kind of character that you love to hate. Diane Keaton, I thought was brilliant as the Kool-Aid Mom. She's the kind of mother that every kid wished they had. Anna Faris, it's funny, because I'm used to seeing her in comedies like the Scary Movie series, however, I loved her playing the straight character for once. It's great to have another good upcoming star.

This movie was pretty funny, however it did have a serious side, the storyline was okay, the acting was pretty good. I wouldn't buy this movie, but I liked watching it.

Reviewed by jotix1005 / 10

Dear old mom

Haven't we seen this picture before? You know, the one about two guys competing for the attention of a woman. Well, the premise in this straight-to-video film is a variation on that theme since the object of the affection is none other than mother! Jan Mannus has brought up her son Jeffrey alone after the death of her husband. She has developed a close bond with her geeky son; they are inseparable. Jeffrey, an aspiring astronomer, is a mess. He is a spoiled young man unable to do anything meaningful in his entire life. This classic mama's boy is in for a rude awakening.

When Mert Rosenbloom, a motivational speaker, meets Jan, he realizes she is the one for him. Jan feels the same way about Mert. Now the problem is how to get Jeffrey, now 29, find his own space and get on with his life. Jeffrey won't let go of the good thing he has at home. What happens next, is typically of movies such as this. Both Mert and Jeffrey begin outdoing each other in nasty tricks to see who will leave the house first.

Tim Hamilton directed this movie, which was written by Hank Nelken. The director doesn't bring anything new to a predictable film that feels false from the start. We have no doubts in our mind there are situations like this one, but what comes out is not even too funny for an excuse to stay with a such a predictable film.

Jon Heder has made a career out of playing nerds like this one. He might be an acquired taste for a lot of people, but he keeps repeating himself. Jeff Daniels, a better actor, fares better. What's more, we were impressed by his singing. Diane Keaton has also been seen doing this kind of role before.

Reviewed by Thanos_Alfie4 / 10


"Mama's Boy" is a Comedy - Drama movie in which we watch a young man living with his mother. When his mom meets another man and they want to marry he feels threatened and he starts searching for more information about him.

I have to admit that since I did not have high expectations from this movie I was not disappointed by it. It is a bit boring for comedy movie with only a few funny scenes and without any plot twist to make at least a bit more interesting. The direction which was made by Tim Hamilton was average and he did not succeed on making his movie interesting. The interpretations of Diane Keaton who played as Jan Mannus, Jeff Daniels who played as Mert Rosenbloom and Jon Heder who played as Jeffrey Mannus followed the same path as direction. Finally, I have to say that "Mama's Boy" is a below average comedy and I do not recommend anyone to watch it because I believe that you will waste your time.

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