1973 [ITALIAN]

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry5 / 10

An erotic comedy?!? Where?

This is supposed to be an erotic comedy, and is widely acclaimed as such, but I sincerely wonder if it should really be categorized like that. The premise, film poster, light-hearted musical score and even the first 10-15 minutes of the film definitely qualify as a comedy. And a prototypic Italian one to boot, what with the film solely revolving around how Italian men, regardless of age and standing, perceive women.

The plot is simple but ingenious. Ignazio, a clothing store owner in his early fifties and a father of three sons, learns that his dear wife hired the incredibly beautiful Angela as the new housemaid just before her death. The men are promptly infatuated by her. Ignazio wants to marry her, if only he gets the approval of "La Mama", 19-year-old son Nuccio simply wants her as a trophy, but 14-year-old and fresh into puberty Nino is the one who really gets obsessed with Angela.

And creepy Nino's attitude and behavior is exactly what causes - to me, at least - "Malizia" to turn from a harmless comedy into a darkly perverse and occasionally even disturbing coming-of-age drama/thriller. The insufferable little brat puts poor Angela through a whole series of sick & twisted sexual humiliations, and that's just NOT funny! Now, I know the times and perceptions changed a lot, but I can't believe the harassment, voyeurism, and intimidations here were considered a laughing matter 50 years ago? Of course, it doesn't help that young actor Alessandro Momo depicts Nino as a cold, stoic, and genuinely disturbing psychopath.

Nino's dark character undermines the entire film. I couldn't even properly enjoy Laura Antonelli's naturally beauty, and the few full-frontal nudity sequences she has are entirely ruined because she simultaneously gets assaulted by a creepy little perv. Luckily, for laughter's sake, the youngest son Enzio keeps the film a bit comical, like when he runs away from kissing the grandmother because "she smells funny".

Reviewed by Tito-85 / 10

At best, a decent way to kill some time

I wasn't sure of what to expect from this film, and what I got was a so-so movie that had some good individual scenes but didn't manage to keep me all that interested. The movie was more consistently entertaining towards the end, but by then I was already getting somewhat bored. The ending was the best part of the movie, but it wasn't enough to make the film satisfying as a whole. For me, at least, it took too long for the story to focus on one particular relationship, and it would have been considerably better if the spotlight would have always been on two of the characters. As it is, it has good moments, but not enough to make it worthwhile.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan10 / 10

Malizia;Part 1.

After watching Sergio Martino's disappointing Giallo film Torso,I decided to take a look at what other titles co-starring actress Tina Aumont had made.With having heard on Kim Newman and Alan Jones commentary for Dario Argento's wonderful Horror Suspiria,that Tina Aumont was offered a lead role in the title,I was delighted to discover that Aumont had worked with The Bird With The Crystal Plumage (Argento's directing debut) cinematography Vittorio Storaro on an enchanting sounding Erotic Comedy Drama,which led to me getting ready to meet Malizia for the first time.

The plot:

Sitting in the back of his dad's (Ignazio La Brocca) car after attending his mums funeral,14 year old Nino La Brocca is caught by surprise,when a strange woman sits by him.Transfixed by the woman's legs,La Brocca puts all memories of the funeral aside,and places a hand in between the woman's legs.

Getting out of the car,Nino and his brothers Enzino and Antonio are given the surprising news by their dad,that the strange woman is called Angela,and that due to the tragic passing of his wife/their mum,that Angela will be the permanent maid of the household.Keeping Nino's earlier voyeuristic interaction with her under wraps ,Angela soon begins to become a part of the family,by taking care of them,and every single other thing around the house.Whilst Angela focuses on keeping the house clean,Nino finds his interest in seeing more of Angela's skin to become a bit of an obsessive lust for Angela.

Feeling in need for their to be a 'woman's touch' in his life, Ignazio proposes to Angela that they both get married.Being whisked off her feet by Ignazio's shocking proposal,Angela happily accepts,and begins to set out plans for her and Ignazio's bright future together.Furious over his dad soon getting a permanent grip on 'his' Angela,Nino decides to take advantage of his past with Angela,as Angela begins to fear that she will have to remain a 'maid' for Nino for the rest of her life.

View on the film:

Whilst IMDb place the title under the 'Comedy' and 'Fantasy' genre listings,the screenplay by co-writer/ (along with Ottavio Jemma and Alessandro Parenzo) director Salvatore Samperi is actually a wonderfully uncomfortable Erotic Drama,with dashes of rustic Comedy and sly social commentary.Placing comedic elements at the start so as to allow the viewer to let their guard down,the writers gradually peel away the light-heart suggestion of Igbazio's wife being a 'ghost' on the family house,by showing the dangerously obsessive lust the Nino has ever since coming into contact with Angela at the drive from the funeral.Slowing turning the tension up between Nino and Angela,the writers take the film in an unexpected Horror direction,as Nino begins to reveal to Angela how (paternally) deadly his obsession has become,and how determined he is for Angela to never rise above her social class.

Closely working with cinematography Vittorio Storaro,director Salvatore Samperi gives the film an dazzling Baroque stylized appearance,with Storaro and Samperi superbly using strong,crimson autumn colour's to display the fiery lust building within Nino.Along with the stylish colours (and being backed by a stirring score from Fred Bongusto) ,Samperi also superbly uses tight,closed in tracking shots to create a strikingly icy atmosphere which perfectly expresses the tight,closed-off relationship with Nino that Angela finds herself unwillingly in.

Taking on a supporting role,the beautiful Tina Aumont gives the movie a much needed dose of flirty charm as Luciana,with Aumont's charismatic performance showing Luciana to be the only person who can get Nino's eyes off Angela.Avoiding the clear risk of simply making the character into an annoying brat,Alessandro Momo, (who sadly died in 1974 from a motorcycle accident,age 17) gives a fantastic performance as Nino,with Momo showing Nino's initial sexual awakening to gradually go in a much more darker,dominating direction,as Nino finds himself being unable to handle the image of anyone else getting to touch Angela,other then himself.

Displaying her never ending legs in her very first scene,Laura Antonelli gives an excellent performances which touches on all sides of Angela's complex personality,with Antonelli matching her sensuality with Angela's charmingly outgoing personality,which is gradually replaced by a fearing isolation,as Nino starts attempting to grab Angela's sensuality all for himself.

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