Maksym Osa


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Reviewed by lexkochurko10 / 10

Ukrainian Gothic fairytale

Maksym Osa is a Ukrainian detective film based on the graphic novel of the same name by Ihor Baranko. This is the first screen adaptation of a comic book in the history of Ukrainian cinema. When watching, there is such a feeling that you fall into a scary, gothic fairy tale. The film is like a swamp absorbing into its dark world, which is not pleasant but very interesting. The world is disgusting, but you continue to watch it because you are interested in exploring it. I would like to emphasize that there is little mass in the film, but this does not make it empty. On the contrary, it adds to its charm. This makes him more creepy, whimsical. I would like to single out the character of Andrzej and the actor who played him.

Reviewed by xobbit-864-5680897 / 10

Ukrainian Gothic trash for niche audience

As this is the first ever Ukrainian comic book adaptation, I double its score, otherwise it is advised only for hardcore trash or Ukraine fans. The only decent scene is "werewolf's" transformation by the end, and the predictable plot is barely saved by a mildly surprising twist. The "evil returns" promise at the end kinda reminds 80s, but overall meagre 1 000 000 USD budget due to movie being completed during the war spells failure. Otherwise this fragmented work never delivers its promising premise: it's neither Sin City, nor Tarrantino :( If you are into best Ukrainian war movies, check "Nashi Kotyky", if period fantasy then "Infernal Guidon, or Cossack Christmas" as for historical "Escape from Stalin's Death Camp" (only non-trash listed here). For Ukrainian Ed Wood check out Lybomyr Levytski's "Tini nezabutykh predkiv" or other recent works.

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