Magic Magic


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Juno Temple as Alicia
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Michael Cera as Brink
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark102 / 10

No magic here

I think the title of the film, Magic Magic refers to the concept of magical realism or a witch doctor.

It is meant to be an examination of the brooding power of mental illness but it fails.

Alicia (Juno Temple) arrives in Chile from the America to to visit her cousin Sara (Emily Browning) and her friends. Alicia is tired after a long journey and suffers from a lack of sleep

As they travel the Chilean countryside, Alicia feels ill at ease with her cousin's obnoxious friends who mainly speak Spanish, especially the irritating Brink (Michael Cera.) This intensifies when Sara has to leave them. This might have been a deliberate ploy by her. Alicia ends up taking too many sleeping pills.

The film is meant to be a psychological horror with boring, spoilt adolescent characters. It is dull, disjointed and boring.

This messy film ends with uncertainty as a shaman deals with Alicia.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca3 / 10

Hateful characters

MAGIC MAGIC is a horror film with a twist, and to provide any kind of review of the material at all means that I need to spoil the twist. It starts out as your usual 'backpacking Americans run into trouble abroad' type thriller, complete with lots of animal cruelty for those who like that sort of thing, and some of the most repulsive characters ever put on screen.

As the storyline progresses the viewer gradually becomes aware that this is something different. The horrors aren't supernatural and there's no killer here after the group, instead, the horror is internal and more realistic than most; it's the horror of mental illness. Sadly, the script is quite wishy-washy when it comes to the specifics of the thing, and the aforementioned bad characterisation spoils the whole thing. The Chilean locations are nice, but Michael Cera plays one of the most irritating characters I've ever seen, and Juno Temple (KILLER JOE) isn't much better in yet another degrading part.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

Michael Cera is an annoying prick

Alicia (Juno Temple) visits her cousin Sara (Emily Browning) and her boyfriend Agustín in Chile. It's her first time outside of America. They with Agustin's sister Bárbara (Catalina Sandino Moreno) and his friend Brink (Michael Cera) go on a road trip. Sara had to go back to school before they arrive at the remote vacation house.

Michael Cera is an annoying prick and it's infuriating to watch him. He almost makes this unwatchable all by himself. He's an annoying jerk and he's so whiny about it. Of course, he's written that way and I can't complain about his acting. It does make it hard to stay with the movie. It does get to an interesting place as Alicia slowly breaks down. Agustin is also a bit annoying with the sleeping pills but he's nothing compared to Brink. If one can live with the annoyance, this is an ok movie.

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