2018 [KOREAN]

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Reviewed by lukasz-korczewski-942-1477474 / 10


The idea about sex in the hospital x-ray room seemed funny. The problem is it the title was about something completely different. And although there were some mildly amusing scenes, the film was generally rather boring and devoid of tension. Closer to a series of disjunct scenes pretending to be a plot.

Reviewed by roger-99-1715997 / 10

Fresh, Lively and lovely

Vivid, spontaneously funny and visually appealing, it demonstrates the vibrant aesthetic of modern Korean cinema. It revolves around the effects caused by an explicit X-ray photo, raising false accusations and a net of unsatisfied desires. The Hospital's workers react differently to the alarming situation, painting a canvas of society, its dogmas, prejudice and inability of trust. As an investigation starts to find out who were having sex in the X-ray room, other issues surge among them, strengthen up their virtues.

Reviewed by theapinbetween6 / 10

Loose but fruitful

Told by a fictional narrator which gives name to the film, Maggie revolves around the misadventures of a young nurse working in a hospital. It doesn't focus on a particular event, but rather on different episodes which are linked by the idea of trust and misunderstanding. The film deals with it with funny, non-sense kind of gags and situations, alternating out of line situations with more realistic ones, but its distinctive feature remains its voluntary eccentricity. Even if I found it at times loose, lacking a central, solid connection, I still enjoyed its creativity and abundance of ideas, which I found to be reasons good enough to watch a movie and to give credit to its authors.

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