Mafia Mamma


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Monica Bellucci as Bianca
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Toni Collette as Kristin
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Eduardo Scarpetta as Fabrizio
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Livia De Paolis as Judge
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DarkVulcan298 / 10

A enjoyable film that holds nothing back.

An ordinary woman (Toni Collette) who feels her life is falling to pieces, but things quickly get interesting, when she is asked to attend her grandfathers funeral, only to learn he was a mobster. And now she is to head the mafia empire, but the question is can she?

I admire the way the film never tries to hide, it goes for shock value, and it holds nothing back. Toni Collette is fun to watch, so is Monica Bellucci, her and Collette's scenes together is what makes the movie, cause they both play off each other perfectly. Now where the film goes wrong is when the movie goes for goofy laughs, it then turns into a bad Will Ferrell comedy, comes across like it's trying to hard, and that part kind loses me. But still an enjoyable mob comedy.

Reviewed by bostonct7 / 10

Surprising Decent Because of the Subtilties

It's starts out kind of cringeworthy only because of Collette's strong performance to reflect the main character. Took me a while to sort it out but once you accept that this is how the main character should be, and let the movie develop, this is a surprisingly comedic oddball movie. What helps carry this film is are the dynamics and chemistry of the entire supporting cast. There is a fine line here on cringe and funny and yes, there are some "we can do without that" moments but there so many little things that will draw a smile, chuckle or quick laugh. If I had to describe it better, I'd say it was a little like Moonstruck.

Reviewed by FeastMode2 / 10

The number of times I groaned (spoilers after a warning)

Let me start by saying I'm clearly not the target audience for this movie. My reviews and ratings are subjective. There are likely many ladies middle-aged and up who would find this funny and entertaining.

I, unfortunately, found it atrocious. Borderline torturous. The number of times I groaned. Or cringed. Or rolled my eyes. Most of the humor is so bad it hurts.

On top of that, this movie is unbelievably stupid. My jaw dropped multiple times from how dumb it is. I can get past a comedy movie being unrealistic. But the lack of logic here is impossible to ignore. Much of the comedy only happens due to that lack of logic. If you need to create a completely implausible scenario to tell a joke, you're not good at your job.

I almost left the theater multiple times. I had a terrible time with this movie. The only reason I didn't give it a 1 out of 10 is because it did make me laugh 10-15 times. That didn't make up for the groans. (1 viewing, early screening 4/11/2023)


The one joke that really made me laugh is when they tell her everyone is afraid of her because they found pieces of his scrotum in his eye socket.

Where do I begin with the bad. There are two examples that stand out to me the most. Keep in mind that any one of the things I mention might be forgiven. Maybe even two. But when so many dumb things happen in a row, it's like the stupidity overloads my brain.

So she is about to have sex for the first time in "THREE YEARS" with this guy she's super into. It's all she's been talking about. But she forgot about a video meeting she needs to have for work. You're really not going to skip that meeting?????

I guess the meeting must be important and her role in it must be vital. Especially given that she must interrupt her vacation on a different continent to join. But it's about coming up with ideas for an ad campaign. And given the result of the meeting, her role is not vital at all. DUMBBBBBB.

After they ignore her pitch, they put her on mute so they can hear someone else's pitch. This would never happen. You don't mute one person. That person just stops talking and listens. And then they all conveniently turn away from her. It's the only reason the next "comedic" sequence can happen. DUMBBBBBB.

The "comedic" sequence is even more idiotic. This hitman, who is later mentioned to be their best killer, is standing behind her with a gun. Instead of shooting her, he grabs her and starts wrestling her. DUMBBBBBB.

Of course her coworkers can't hear her because they are all facing the opposite direction and she's on mute. But even worse, she starts trying to get their attention and yelling for help. What are they going to do? They're on a different continent! DUMBBBBBBB.

Last but not least, after she kills the hitman, she hides the fact that she was in a fight... even though she was just trying to get their attention... and she shouldn't have to hide that someone almost killed her... and they assume she's drunk and fire her... so why... why.... brain.... broken.

I just wrote 6 paragraphs on one sequence. There is so much more.

One other thing I couldn't believe. We think Monica Bellucci's character is dead. She was shot by their cousin. But she shows up still alive. And the cousin is so shocked. "How is this possible, I saw you die." She says, "no, you saw me shot." Cousin says, "I shot the artery in your leg." And she reveals that it's her prosthetic limb. The movie thinks it's really smart because it's the payoff of the earlier setup when they talked about losing her leg.

But then you think about it, just for a few seconds. This is the logic you need for this scenario to work. The cousin wants to kill her. Rather than shooting her in the head, he shoots an artery in her leg. He is both a medical expert to know exactly where that artery is, and an incredible marksman to hit it perfectly. He's so good and confident, that he doesn't even wait to see if there is blood gushing from the artery. He shoots it and immediately turns around, which prevents him from seeing that there is zero blood.

Are you out of your damn minds?

The movie seemed to be over at the court scene but then still had 20-ish minutes left. Not good for someone itching to leave the theater lol. This movie is terrible.

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