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Reviewed by guisreis6 / 10

Elite Squad 3 and the birth of a nation

What a wasted chance! This unofficial Elite Squad 3 is, technically, very well directed, acted, edited and, as everybody acknowledges, filmed. In Padilha's Elite Squad 1, there was a chance of showing how unacceptable was the violation of human rights as means of investigating and fighting crime, but the suspects were actually criminals, and Captain Nascimento became the hero of fascists. Brazilian society went downhill and it is unavoidable seeing it as a turning point. Here, in this generic Elite Squad by Marcos Prado, there is the same issue, with the same first-person narration in the beginning, but with a difference: structural racism seems a core issue. As the movie advances, spectator feels confused if there will be plot twist that will reinforce anti-racist message, or if the scenes of a black man raping a white woman are not a misperception of racist victims in the story, but actually a reproduction of a racist narrative that reminds Griffith's The Birth of a Nation. Well, I hated the end...

Reviewed by kqthfhc5 / 10

nice narrative, bad acting

The dialog is not natural at all, the words are articulated like no native speaker ever does in a casual convo. Poor acting from the prostagonist's love interest. The motivation for the crimes are barely look into, only shallowly mentioned. Really nice photography though.

Reviewed by cleopatrarj9 / 10

Very good

Excellent film inspired by the real case of the necrophilic brothers of Nova Friburgo (a city in the interior of the state of Rio de Janeiro) A great adapted, agile and accurate script.

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