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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phildeesnow1 / 10

As a baby's screeching cry!.

I thought that nothing could be more annoying and irritating than a baby's cry or a loud parrot, put them together and you have this movie.

From the first few minutes you can tell how bad this was going to be. The CGI baby in the beginning was worse than that dancing baby back in the day.

When I thought nothing could top that scene, they move to scenarios where some of the TikTok effects are better than the crap used for this movie.

The worst part is that they seemed to have a budget.

Sometimes I understand that because the movie is an indie, i should focus on the positive aspects of it. But is is expensive and promoted comparing it to Annabelle, so...yeah, i don't get where the money went.

If you can stand the loud shrieking sound of a baby that's not yours, just think... there's also a parrot.

Reviewed by Go_For_The_Jugular1 / 10


I'm sure I saw the trailer for this earlier in the year...and thought 'made by the same people as Annabelle...this should be good'. I even recall the content in the trailer looking really good. But where is THAT movie? Because THIS wasn't it!

Whatever this was, it reeked of 'amateur'...and didn't feel like a real movie. It was so disjointed. I still don't really know what the plot was. And the baby crying CONSTANTLY was so annoying, it didn't help the film at just made me hit fast forward!

The 2 leads, who are married with a child, had absolutely zero chemistry...they came across more like 2 strangers sharing an apartment. Really cringe special fx for the 'monsters'. The film had no atmosphere, or feeling of dread.

The acting was weak at best, the cinematography was dire, the sound was abysmal...overall, this was a total dumpster fire! Shame really, because it could of been a lot better.

The Mandela Effect got me!

Reviewed by zack_gideon4 / 10

Where did the $20 million go?

That's the biggest question I have about this film. Where did the 20 million dollar budget go? Clearly this is being swept under the rug by the studio. I'm sure the director got a lot and the lead actors, but where did the rest go?

The movie is just not good. Plot is basic, no character development, flat acting (especially in the CGI scenes),totally formulaic with the standard jump scares.

I don't know, it passed the time I guess. But besides that it just didn't do anything I'll remember. There are some creepy scenes and I'm going to guess that's how it was pitched and got green lit, but besides that where did that 20M go?

Maybe a money laundering scheme. Some creep factor that's it l. 4/10.

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