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Reviewed by boriskaiser6 / 10

Pretty solid

This is the second Reel One Entertainment TV movie in 2023 about single dad and is pretty solid. Of course as ROE TV movie there are always some technical issues - some scenes have loud background music so you can't properly hear dialogue, but most of their movies are (much) worse than this one. I only noticed one really bad cut. And location was obviously like so many times Hamilton, CA pretending to be Chicago.

This movie shares similar plot with spins to "Bad Date Chronicles" (2017) which has superior cast, but it failed in execution with the stupid slapstick comedy in the several scenes. This one doesn't suffer from it. Cast was overall fine but I personally mostly liked Jennifer Gibson. She killed it as Inga! Writing was fine, too except that Brett Donahue played fake Brit and I don't understand why was that even important for the story at all because he could be American or even better Canadian, and that would change nothing for worse at least.

And as every other ROE TV movie, don't watch trailer if you plan to watch the movie as it shows everything!

Reviewed by Jackbv1234 / 10

Really horrible start but gets slightly better

So many of the characters in this movie are horrible. Some of it is bad acting and some of it is, I think, intentional exaggeration. Holden starts out so arrogant that I couldn't imagine him changing. Then suddenly he does and it's almost instantaneous. Inga is an overplayed caricature. It's meant to be funny but just made me cringe, like with Holden. Dirk is worse than Holden. Kyra is bad too but has some features that soften the image a little. To add to the cringing are the mean spirited pranks. None of them are physically destructive, but except for one, fell in the cringeworthy category.

The positive characters are Winnie, Ret, and Ty. I wanted to see more of Ty's story, especially actually interacting with Jade. Ret was slightly stereotyped as the out-of-touch old timer boss, but his actions as a mentor made him likeable instead of like the others.

Winnie is probably the best developed character starting out with some small flaws and growing through the story. This is in contrast to Holden's sudden personality shift which is not what I consider character development.

The story combines a lot of what are usually major plot elements. Just to name a couple - reporter assigned to a hit piece which hangs as a secret to near the end. Holden is challenged by Ret to get serious with a girl which has aspects of the stories where the Player accepts a bet to win a girl. There are many others.

The sets and backdrops are atrociously cheap, Just as example - a major league rising star practicing at a neighborhood baseball field with almost no fan seating.

There was one crazy scene that did get a laugh from me and that was the last scene with Inga. But then follow that up with the stupid cliche of Holden and Ty running in slow mo.

I can get turned off quickly by exaggeration comedy especially with a lot of overworked cliche and that's the case here. If you like that kind of stuff, you might like this. These aspects got tamped down some toward the middle of the movie making it a little more pleasant for me.

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