Love's Abiding Joy


Action / Drama / Family / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright80%
IMDb Rating6.8101927

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Mae Whitman as Colette Doros
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Brianna Brown as Melinda Klein
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James Tupper as Henry Klein
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Skye McCole Bartusiak as Young Missy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aihx1 / 10

to forget ('m sorry to say)

Seldom seen such a boring, ragged movie. The actors mostly to young and not a bit convincing. The annoying music is way to much foreground. And the plot? Well, could have been interesting. Not this way. I was really disappointed. the only one main character in this entire movie that appeared convincing to me was John Laughlin. People aren't like liquid soap in real life. Especially in hard western times, as I suppose. They had a hard life full of hard work and there's nothing that turns the characters into believable farmers 200 years ago. I know, they focused on abiding joy of love. However, to make it the one dominating emotion, you must also show the opposite to work it out. And there's nothing like this here.

Reviewed by Reno-Rangan7 / 10

4. The stories of Missie and Jeff: The struggles and the first love.

The fourth movie in the Hallmark's 'Love Comes Softly' movie series. It continued a few years after where the previous one ended. LaHaye family comfortably settled down running a ranch in the wild west and Missie is now a full time teacher in a local school. This story apprises the struggles and introduces a proper villain for the first time in this series. Unlike the title, the story travels in the opposite direction. Time to test your faith in this series. If you manage to get through, you would continue or feel tediousness.

Hold on, I did not say the movie was good as the previous ones. Until now I had not seen a substandard in the series. Maybe the word 'substandard' is very rude. It can be explained in another way as well like the story considerably focuses on the misery side of the LaHaye family. Missie's father came a long way to spend time her and his grandchildren. But then the visit came at a wrong time, especially the entire region is suffering from the drought. The troubles only extends without a sign of ending. Some of the LaHaye's family friends living in their worst nightmare.

"The only thing we both want... We won't ever see again."

In a parallel layered narration, Jess is near the 20 or something and he tastes his first love. Not without the obstacles. Because the girl who is associated with him is from highly influenced family in the town. It was a pretty good romance track, deserved to be told as one side his family is grieving and other hand his (Jeff's) own struggle. Sad faces are seen everywhere and I'm happy it is not all about the happiness, though there are sad narrations as well in the series.

So, it was the story composition intensely created that way to display. But the viewers are not thinking about the possibilities of what a family could go through in a such situation. Rather, they are pointing out the movie as a downfall, not the story that talks about the downfall. That is why the whole film looks grim and depressing, only if you did not get it. Anyway, it is a long movie series and all kinds of mood, genre, theme of the tales are expected in the each film. I believe the next one would get better and that's what I'm thinking right now.


Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

fine TV movie

Missie LaHaye is the school teacher and Willie LaHaye is offered the job of sheriff. Clark Davis arrives to visit his daughter Missie. Her daughter Kathy dies. Missie is lost and leaves her job. With the struggling ranch, Willie takes the sheriff job working for ruthless land baron Mayor Sam Doros. His daughter Colette Doros takes a liking to the LaHaye's adopted son Jeff despite her father's disapproval. The LaHayes struggle to overcome their grief. Doros holds a loan on LaHaye friends, the Klines (James Tupper, Brianna Brown) and threatens to evict them.

It's the fourth in the Love series. It's a fair continuation of this TV movie series. The lost offers this movie the opportunity for some great acting possibilities. However, it never elevates beyond its TV movie DNA. The young love of Graham Phillips and Mae Whitman is good. It's a fine foil to the somber tone of the LaHayes. Sam Doros is a good villain but it would be better to get a bigger actor. This works for the most part as a TV movie.

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