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Elizabeth Daily Photo
Elizabeth Daily as Linda
Patrick Dempsey Photo
Patrick Dempsey as Randy / Son
Carrie Fisher Photo
Carrie Fisher as Monica Delancy / Pizza customer
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Kirstie Alley as Dr. Joyce Palmer / Pizza customer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DunnDeeDaGreat10 / 10

One of my favorite comedies growing up

I remember being eight years old and seeing Loverboy for the first time in the theater. The film is very funny and features the delightful Patrick Dempsey in one of his better roles. The film has sexy women and great one-liners. If you've never seen it check it out.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

the mysterious sex appeal of teenage Dempsey

Jenny Gordon feels unappreciated as her boyfriend and college roommate Randy Bodek (Patrick Dempsey) hides her from his parents (Kate Jackson, Robert Ginty). He's failing and aimless. It's summer break and his father cuts him off. He works at the pizza place and is desperate for cash. He delivers to older woman Alex Barnett (Barbara Carrera) and has a fling. She pays him for his time and spreads the word. Soon, many of the local wealthy women order from the pizza boy for extra anchovies. Meanwhile, his parents believe that he's hiding a gay boyfriend.

I've never understood the sex appeal of the geeky scrawny teenage years of Patrick Dempsey. His comedic awkward act is too obvious. He's too eager and tries too hard. I like my geeky nerds to be more self-deprecating. This does not help although the movie is a functional sex farce. I'm sure that some teen girls find him sexually appealing and funny at same time. If you think that, then this should work great.

Reviewed by Uriah434 / 10

Frustrated Wives and a Pizza Delivery Man

This film essentially begins with a young college student by the name of "Randy" (Patrick Dempsey) having an argument with his girlfriend "Jenny" (Nancy Valen) which leads to their breaking up. Not long after that his father "Joe" (Robert Ginty) tells him that he will no longer pay for his college tuition because his grades are so bad. So with nothing else to do for that summer he decides to get a job delivering pizzas to try to get enough money to eventually get back to school. It's during this time that he meets a woman by the name of "Alex" (Barbara Carrera) who seduces him on one of his deliveries. To top things off, she not only pays him for his time and effort but also gives his number to several of her other rich friends who are married but have since become extremely frustrated and bored. Yet even though Randy is making more money than he ever dreamed possible he has overlooked one small problem-the husbands of these wives. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this comedy had a good cast and a decent plot with several attractive ladies like Kate Jackson (as Randy's mother "Diane"),Kim Miyori ("Kyoko Bruckner") and the aforementioned Barbara Carrera and Nancy Valen to enhance the scenery. The problem, however, is that the humor was hit-and-miss throughout and it's for that reason that I have rated this film accordingly. Slightly below average.

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