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Reviewed by kerjoska9 / 10

A very fine artistic memory of a (nearly) lost generation

It is a masterpiece of the young István Szabó from 1970, many years before worldwide-fame and Oscar Prize. A story of two young people in Hungary, Jancsi and Kata. First they are good friends, later lovers. Soon after the 56-Revolution Kata leaves Hungary, Jancsi stays there. After appr.10 years Jancsi is allowed to visit Kata in France, their love is reborn, but after a short, very happy period Jancsi has to return to Hungary and their love fades as years have gone by. It is unforgettable when Jancsi glances at Paris last time before leaving (perhaps) forever. The film is a fine memory of a not so nice past when two young people were separated from each other just because one of them lived in the "socialist" Hungary and the other in the "capitalist" France. Using flashback-system the director shows a human history of Hungary from the forties to the seventies as a mirror of the young lovers' life. Strongly recommended and not only for young lovers.

Reviewed by mad4u68910 / 10

Beautiful Portrait

As an audience, watching with English subtitles, I was not particularly familiar with Hungarian culture or history beforehand, but nevertheless felt touched by this portrait of a love and an era. The film treats its subjects delicately, using history as both a backdrop and catalyst for the romantic plot line, and also allowing it to become a direct subject at times; the country and times are inseparable from the lives they contain.

The romance is... beautiful. It is built up to an almost unbearable degree, such that you feel the romantic tension gradually but forcefully. The chemistry between the two lead actors is brilliant.

The directing style also lends the film a unique flavour. Time and setting are interwoven, so that the only absolute is the love of the two protagonists. Flashbacks and asides are used to add to the dramatic mood of film, but don't overshadow it. All in all, a truly excellent film.

Reviewed by thecatsmotheruk10 / 10

Pure wonder (possible spoilers)

This is a work of art and how many films can you say that about?

Rashomon like it plays with memory. Do the young lovers really remember the most tender and precious of their memories? The film opens with Jansci wondering if his first memory of Kata really happened. A later recollection he keeps flashing back to and is obviously precious never occurred. He confuses the two women in his life. Do the lovers really see the person or merely an idealised image of each other which only exists in their minds.

Then it is a love story for Hungary. Kata obviously suffers both being apart from Jansci and in her isolation from home. Her last monologue points this out very poignantly.

Note the masterly way in which the director critiques the isolation of the Eastern bloc in showing what a big deal it is to be able to travel outside the country! And it shows how the world can get in the way of love. But so can wanting to love

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