Love on a Limb


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled35%
IMDb Rating6.0101348

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Ashley Williams Photo
Ashley Williams as Aimie Roarke
Trevor Donovan Photo
Trevor Donovan as Kyle Sorenson
Marilu Henner Photo
Marilu Henner as Zee Roarke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jml19886 / 10

Worth one (just one) watch

I enjoyed the storyline and most of the characters except for the lead actress. Ashley Williams is probably my least favorite Hallmark actress. She's far too chipper and her gigantic smile seems so fake. Despite my dislike of her, the movie still pulled together well.

Reviewed by smithduke5 / 10

Thank goodness for Trevor Donovan!!!

Let me start off by saying, Ashley Williams, was incredibly annoying in this movie. Her acting was so over-the-top "perky," even when she's trying to be serious.

The premise of the movie is that Amiee (Ashley Williams) is attempting to save a tree that has special meaning to her. The mayor has hired Kyle Sorenson (Trevor Donovan) to do the job. Amiee takes it upon herself to stop Kyle.

I love Trevor Donovan's acting (is there nothing this guy can't do?) and he, along with Marilu Henner saved the movie.

It was pleasant enough to watch, but I truly had a hard time getting past my annoyance with Ashley Willaims. Others may feel differently.

Reviewed by bmiller597 / 10

Enjoyed it

Love on a Limb wasn't the best movie, but it wasn't worth the sub 5 ratings, but everyone views things through different optics.

As usual Trevor Danovan was great, he makes anyone good. Marilu Henner, wow!, Ashley Williams doesn't deserve the harsh remarks.

The tree that was the focus of this movie...WOW, now that was some kind of tree.

Would I view this movie again?, probably not. I'm glad we saw it though. Check it out.

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