Love Dot Com: The Social Experiment


Action / Romance

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Kym Whitley as Aunty Kathy
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LisaRaye McCoy as Deloris Quinn
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Tobias Truvillion as Greg Jeffries
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by and_shove_it_up_your_butt3 / 10

Uhhhh...what happened here?

The premise of the movie is great. Unfortunately that's where the magic ends. The movie was choppy, the storyline super slow in places then too quick and unorganized in others. I don't understand the casting of the film. B's dad looked 41, B's mom looked 50+ (don't get me wrong LisaRaye is absolutely gorgeous) and then B looked almost 40. I mention this because the casting seemed to be all over the place. My best guess is that the movie was created on a super small budget so they had to do the best they could.

A bit of a snooze fest overall but the movie has potential. Too bad it fizzled out before the spark. Beyond all of the above, what was especially disappointing was how they ended the movie. Did the budget run out which caused such a hasty ending?

Reviewed by dainajones1 / 10


I'm so sorry but this movie was long-winded and boring! I definitely had this playing in the background whilst I was surfing the internet and eventually closed down the tab. Watch this if you need background noise.

Reviewed by AgeOfAquarius3 / 10


My wife and I really liked the idea for this film and the cast but the execution was simply disappointing. The slow pace, due to bad writing and a film needing more cut out, really hurts the movie. Also the film is supposed to be based on the idea of online dating, yet it takes forever for the leads to get to that point and how it's done will honestly have you saying, really though? The saving grace of this film is the cast. We enjoyed pretty much all of the characters. The two leads were great. We really liked the male lead's character. We really liked the female lead's character early on, but eventually she is given flaws that come out and you lose any sympathy for her. Once the online dating actually begins, this movie falls apart, slows to a crawl and trudges to its finale which is one of the oddest endings ever. The finale will leave you saying WTF. I love seeing Black Love on film and in a more positive light, but this film really misses the mark.

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