Love at Sunset Terrace


Action / Romance

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Ellie Harvie as Josie
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Brad Harder as Spencer
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Nathan Witte as Daniel
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Ellen Woglom as Sophie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by helfranstan10 / 10

Calming Summer Solstice

Reel One has (amazingly) produced a lot of movies during the pandemic and this is one of the more realistic. I prefer that most of the scenes are just a two or three characters (for real-life social distancing reasons). The beautiful landscape is great escapism for viewers cooped up at home - and many are having to rethink jobs etc like the characters too. Whilst the plot is nothing new, this genre is always better with a bit of tragedy to give depth, but it's long enough ago to not be over-whelming and is totally suitable for all ages / stages of life, giving hope to everyone that goodness and joy live on.

Reviewed by rebekahrox8 / 10

Up TV shows the way again!

This was a very well-done little story. Up TV, in recent days, is really showing up Hallmark in terms of fresh faces, well-written scripts, and character development. The three leads were more than half the appeal. Ellen Woglom was appealing and charming as the female lead. She has a killer smile and I appreciated that she did not have a stick thin runway model body. Carlo Marx was handsome and likable as the vulnerable father who was over-protective and almost needy with his daughter. The young daughter was played by Erica Tremblay. Again, a young actress who was hired for her talent rather than cutesy wutesy looks and perky sparkles. She is the younger sister of the multiple award winning film actor, Jacob Tremblay.

The romantic relationship developed naturally and believably rather than a series of "meet-cutes" and fake instalove based on nothing but two pretty people snarking and bickering at each other. The setting looked like a real place rather than a MacMansion plopped down in front of a stunning view. I'd stay there and feel right at home. The Conflict was the same old same old (workaholic big city girl reconnects with nature while meeting troubled widowed Dad of young girl and presto chango lifestyles are changed and a new family is formed). But Up TV shows once again that this tired plot can be done in an entertaining and engaging way. Hallmark really should be upping their game. I fear they are have become over-reliant on their "big" name stable of actors and actresses at the expense of giving exciting young talent a chance to shine and scriptwriters who work hard to offer a quality product while still falling within the genre's parameters.

Reviewed by sapphiremoon-541038 / 10

I loved this movie.

This movie is cute and sweet. A great way to spend a couple of hours. I am a fan of Carlo Marks. So that is always enjoyable to see him in movies. He plays Michael a protective Dad to his daughter Kailey. Michael is also a widower. When along comes Sophie who is 'burned out' from her job. Carlo Marks and Ellen Woglom have great chemistry together in this movie. I like the moments of comedy and a bit of flirtation between them in some scenes. Erica Tremblay plays the adorable daughter Kailey. Who sees an opportunity to play matchmaker for her Dad Michael. I love Hallmark Movies. So I know how they work. I love that there is always a happy ending.

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