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Reviewed by ulrichevelyn-886-12698610 / 10

Raw and True Talent FOUND in 'Lost in the White City'

Shot in the gloriously beautiful and historic city of Tel Aviv, located in the complex and diverse country of Israel, Lost in the White City is something that seems to be all too familiar, except it is not. Actions and emotions are thrown into the fire throughout the course of the film, and surprisingly, the method works in the story. It is refreshing to see some undisclosed and artistic stream of talent in the acting between the three starring actors. In fact, so many big-budget films have top grossing performers, and some could not fit the molding of the characters. In the situation of Lost in the White City, this is not the case. I was completely engrossed in the movie, studying it from all aspects and angles, the climax, the setting, the people communicating and corresponding with one another. It definitely left quite an impression, and made me appreciate (once again) that your life should be lived, as it could be altered in a minuscule of a second.

The film is set around an art school young couple, Kyle and Eva from New York (Thomas Dekker, Haley Bennett),who travel to the hot and politically challenged city of Tel Aviv to emerge their creative outlets, and hopefully heal their fractured relationship. However, while in town, the two become involved in the glittering and pumped up nightlife. There are unlimited opportunities to film, as Kyle is a film-maker, and to write out emotion as Eva is an aspiring writer and poet. The two work on their different projects, and are seldom seen together, except at their rented apartment, or out on the scene. When they meet Avi, (Bob Morley) an Israeli army veteran/rising actor at a party, trouble and curiosity blooms between the three. There is a bit of a mutual attraction between Avi and Eva, but for the moment, nothing is pursued. Kyle is driven and infatuated with the young and somewhat mysterious man. Soon, Kyle becomes obsessed in his documentary film, as he makes Avi the focal point of his piece, as 'he looks so damn good on film.' Avi is somewhat oblivious to Kyle's growing confusing sexual attraction, but still maintains a friendship, letting him continue to shoot him. It is to speculate though whether or not if Avi shares the same attraction, but I guess that is in the minds of the viewers. Problems arise as Avi and Eva entangle themselves in a regretful affair, and are caught by Kyle. Yet, the act is forgiven, and Avi agrees to come along on an excursion to Berlin, Germany so that Kyle can complete his film. As we head to the ending, the three young people and two friends are hanging out happily, and enjoying Kyle's intriguing shots at an outdoor café, their fates are to be determined due to an abandoned knapsack. Consequently, there could be a thousand and one conclusions to this aspect, and I am not going to reveal what mine are.

Firstly, it astounds me that Lost in the White City has nearly zero exposure, as this is a film that articulates culture and today's young society. We hear so many different viewpoints of the Middle East, and while a movie does not usually determine a specific point, it was refreshing to see another side, one that does not concern the negativity and the perils. Just a group of people doing what they want and love in their lives. That is one of the essences of happiness, and we all desire that. Secondly, I am familiar with Thomas Dekker's and Bob Morley's acting and other productions, and let me just say the two together on screen created a rush of chemistry, and they really bought their characters to life. Morley is a Native Australian and his Israeli accent used for Avi is beyond mesmerizing, and he really puts a full 100% of his talent in this film. Yet, as he does in his other works. As for Dekker, his portrayal of the crass and impulsive American Kyle with his bizarre dedication of film-making, and new-found lust, was a good trip. It seems to me that Dekker prefers to perform the dark and more complex characters, yet his deliverance always catches the eye. As for Bennett, she reminded me of so many typecast young girls, but she does make her presence known on screen. Lastly, the beauty of Tel Aviv was simply captured in the most surreal approach, and I felt that I really was a visitor there, and the plot did hold its promise of a complicated love triangle. I had no idea that a film that is set around such a common topic can expose such raw emotion and talent. That is how acting should be, to enlighten the audience, and be truly focused and dedicated in your craft.

All-in-all, Lost in the White City does deliver some spectacular performances, and takes us into a world that is often seen as a war zone. While it very much can be, people need to realize that there is good out there, and not be so blind on other cultures.

Do I recommend this film? I don't like to throw my opinion around so much, but yes. Not only it drives us into complication of tangled emotions, but it can also make us appreciate the value of what is really important in life.

Reviewed by Intermissionman_7 / 10

Sexy International Feel

A couple both Art Students go to Tel Aviv (White City) to try and find themselves and work. Kyle (Thomas Dekker) is a Film maker and Eva (Haley Bennett) a Poet. Then they meet Avi (Bob Morley) Handsome Hunk that Kyle decides to center his Film around. The relationship between Kyle and Eva is pretty Rocky but is really the Glue that holds the story together. Avi is sort of like the 3rd wheel. The international flavor of the Film helps as does Eva exploring the Israel Art and Literary Guilds .Kyle shooting his Film is the main part of storyline and his character a bit of a Turd, leads the way. I found this Film because I like Haley Bennett and as part of an online class I am taking. She and the co stars work well together and though I did not care much for the ending thought it was a fine ride and would watch again ! Too Bad we never see Kyle's finished Film ?

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