Lost in Plainview


Action / Thriller

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Sal Lopez as Roberto
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Jack Kehler as Hank
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vcgraves2 / 10

Let me count the..

Let me count the number of reviews for this baby, first. Then we'll list the problems.

Reviews: one. It's neither an honor nor a privilege to be the second. But here goes anyway.

The first problem presents itself right away. The dark-haired girl, the second of the main characters, is pretty to look at, yet repulsive. Unlikeable from the get-go, her character is annoying and dooms this film before it's barely started.

How about some good points? Production values are not horrible, and they DO zip around a desert-y landscape, in the daylight, which is probably the only reason I watched this entire film. Also, the villain drives a Camaro with authentic motor sounds, not dubbed in phonies.

And before I waste any more time writing about this movie that was apparently seen by only myself and a few others, let me tell you that the climactic scene is a physical impossibility, yet edited to try to make us think it DID happen that way.

So, dear viewer, rent this flick only if, number one, it's a freebie, and number two, if there is something wrong with you.

Reviewed by thejoo052 / 10

What seems like a really bad remake.

To me when I was watching this movie, it seemed like a bad remake of Steven Spielberg's "Duel" With the psycho truck driver. Only now its a cop, and instead of one guy, its two girls.

This movie as whole was just bad, the acting wasn't good, the dialog was poorly written, and it was pretty predictable from time to time. And I think one of the reasons for the predictability is that they started it with the end, but didn't do it properly like "The Usual Suspects" or "Memento" which still left you guessing as to everything else even when you got to that scene.

My recommendation is to stay far from watching this movie.

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