Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man

1976 [ITALIAN]

Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan10 / 10

Die Like a Man,Live Like a Cop.

Whilst taking part in the ICM Horror Challenge,the poll for the best films of 1976 started. Planning to see Ruggero Deodato's late Giallo Phantom of Death (1988-also reviewed) in the run-up to Halloween,I realized that I could also see Deodato show in 1976 how to die like a man.

View on the film:

Barely pausing to catch breath after Ray Lovelock's insanely catchy song Maggie plays over the credits, directing auteur Ruggero Deodato & cinematographer Guglielmo Mancori run in to smash and grab spectacular Italian Crime action set-pieces. Illegally filmed on the streets of Rome,Deodato gives the chase sequences a visceral atmosphere,with rapid-fire whip-pans capturing the urgency of Fred and Tony to clear the scum off the street.

Living up to the macho name of the film,Deodato gives Tony and Fred's "investigating" skills an aggressive punch,where punishment is given out in ultra- stylised hits that pan across the faces of each busted criminal covered in a red glaze.

Driving spikes into the "loyal cop" of the Italian Crime genre,the screenplay by Fernando Di Leo/ Alberto Marras and Vincenzo Salviani take their tale into wonderfully quirky side-tracks,showing the closeness of Fred and Tony in threesome sex with suspects,the twisting of necks and running over of anyone who gets in their way,and the blowing up of a ship.

Exaggerating the toughest aspects of the genre, the writers give each encounter with the underworld an adventure mood,where the way Fred and Tony dish out swift justice becomes increasingly over the top.

Following orders from a rumbling Adolfo Celi as the captain, Ray Lovelock and Marc Porel both give fantastic performances as Fred and Tony. Tragically dying at just 34 from meningitis after a long battle with heroin, Marc Porel gives a burst of youthful energy as Fred,whose toughness with thugs Porel matches with moments of calm in his exchanges with his best friend.

Along with showing a very good singing voice,Ray Lovelock grinds a real grit into the film as the harsh,no nonsense Tony,who proves with Fred that no criminal can live like a cop,and die like a man.

Reviewed by Coventry7 / 10

Unorthodox-Copper Holocaust!

You just know you're in for one hell of a thrill-ride when the movie you're watching opens with a 10-minutes-long chase sequence on motorcycles; through the crowd-infested streets of Rome and ending with a shocking execution that truly goes against all the rules of ethically correct police work. "Live like a Cop, Die Like a Man" is a work of genuine 70's exploitation, scripted by the multi-talented Fernando Di Leo and directed by the almighty Ruggero Deodato. Deodato is, without a doubt and hands down, the KING of exploitation cinema! A couple of years before he dedicated himself to the notorious jungle adventures ("Jungle Holocaust", "Cut and Run" and, of course, his ultimate masterpiece "Cannibal Holocaust") and brutal revenge-horror ("House on the Edge of the Park"),Deodato made his one and only "Polizieschi" movie, but it's definitely memorable & unique enough to rank among the best in the sub genre. "Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man" is an indescribably sadistic and cynical film and it's very different from the usual efforts in the "Polizieschi" genre. These raw and explicit Italian crime-thrillers always introduce macho cop characters that shoot first and ask questions later, but at least they usually have good reasons for their very unorthodox investigation techniques. They either want to avenge a murdered friend or colleague, or they're on a tight time-schedule to rescue kidnapped children or recover a stolen treasure. (Al)Fred(o) and (An)Tony(o),the two protagonists in Deodato's film, are different. They simply cross the thin line between justice and delinquency because they enjoy it! Much more than any other entry in the Polizieschi sub genre, "Live Like a Cop, Die like a Man" glorifies extreme violence and nearly encourages people to take justice into their own hands. Fred and Tony terminate unarmed & defenseless gangsters, force female suspects into having sex with them, burn down fancy cars and invade private clubs for no real reason and they carelessly endanger the lives of civilians. And whilst they're performing their "jobs", they never for one second stop to pay attention to their good playboy-looks and macho charisma. This film is fast-paced and multiple isolated sequences are terrific (the hostage-situation! The bank robbery!),but the script as a whole sadly lacks continuity and depth. There's no actual plot, as Fred & Tony are simply hunting down Rome's biggest crime boss, Roberto Pasquini, and they eliminate a lot of his accomplices and random street scum during their 'assignment'. Most other Polizieschi flicks have a slightly more intelligent script, but "Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man" primarily benefices from sickening violence, gratuitous sleaze and unscrupulous controversy. The editing is sharp, the lurid 70's music is fabulous and Deodato's profound direction is brilliant and ultimately praiseworthy. I read somewhere that the motorcycle chases amidst crowded shopping streets and during broad daylight were filmed without official permission. Your name simply has to be Ruggero Deodato if you risk endangering the lives of unsuspecting civilians only to shoot credible and realistic footage of Rome!

Reviewed by Bezenby8 / 10

Brut aftershave presents....

This film is so manly I grew a third testicle just watching it! Here's a film where men are men, bad guys get a bullet between the eyes just for thinking about committing crime, and women are for shagging and doing the filing. Either director Deodato is taking the piss here, or this is the kind of Eurocrime film that definitely would be accused of being a bit fascist.

Marc Porel and Ray Lovelock are two young coppers who trust each other so much they share a flat, ride tandem on a motorbike, and make inappropriate sexual remarks to their bosses' secretary. They also love a bit of police brutality, as seen when they get involved in a motorbike chase at the start of the film (two robbers try and steal a purse from a woman who won't let it go, even though she's dragged along the road into a lamppost and has her face stomped). After a lengthy, exciting chase, they cause the robbers to crash, and Marc finishes one off by breaking his neck.

Their boss Adolfo Celi seems to put up with their antics, even if he doesn't agree with them. They are all after Mr Big, some guy called Pasquali, and have just set up a special squad in order to track him down, but when the guy who gets eaten by a ridiculous giant alien in the film Contamination gets gunned down, it gives our fellas an excuse to go and shag the bad guy's sister! These guys are so close that Ray Lovelock doesn't sloppy seconds after Marc Porel is finished! Nothing says masculine than not being bothered about stirring another man's custard.

I'm sure this must be some sort of parody but then it's hard to tell in Italian cinema. Every criminal who comes up against the two cops gets killed, including a gang just about to rob a bank (six executions on the streets before a crime's committed?) and remarkably sexist even for an Italian film, plus all the subtle hints that the two cops might be gay. The most telling scene is at the start when the robbers run over a guide dog and everyone just leaves the poor blind guy standing in the middle of the road.

Who knows? I enjoyed it anyway. Bruno Corazzari gets his eyeball poked out too.

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