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Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MdlndeHond9 / 10

Old story...well done solid thriller

There are only so many story lines guys. All Romcoms are about getting the girl, action flicks about getting the honour or the loot and so on. So yes this is an old story like Rosemary's baby and many many more.

Why do i give this one so much credit? Because it's a subtle story with solid acting. No Hollywood over abundance. Just a very well acted film with a classic story that moves slowly but steadily forward to a surprising ending. The story is rounded. There is a why and a how appose to just horror for the making of a scary film. I thought it to be very original within it's genre and the ending is brilliant. It has the suspense of the old Polanskis like The Tennant. Who can we thank for this? Matthias Schoenaerts! What's not too love about this flemish gem.

Reviewed by Coventry8 / 10

Respectable Belgian horror

My beloved Belgium country hasn't got much of an impressive history when it comes to horror cinema, but at least there have always been enthusiast and visionary directors that tried to make a difference. Back in the 70's there was Harry Kümel (whose movies "Malpertuis" and "Daughters of Darkness" are highly desired and acclaimed cult-collector items nowadays),then there's Jan Verheyen (who also hosts horror movie screenings on Belgian TV) and since recently we have Pieter Van Hees. Van Hees is an extremely devoted fan of the genre, as it is illustrated in his absurdly grotesque and engrossing short movie "Black XXX-Mas" as well as in this slow-brooding and atmospheric thriller "Linkeroever". The title literally means Left Bank and refers to a very well known living area in Antwerp. It's a reputedly "troubled" area since the Middle Ages already, with dark historical secrets and mysterious inhabitants, and thus the ideal setting for a sinister story. Marie is a young and talented but introvert athlete who suddenly falls ill and gets forced to cancel her participation in a prominent European tournament. She moves in with her new boyfriend Bobby and, mostly out of boredom, begins to investigate the mysterious unsolved disappearance of the previous tenant. I don't want to reveal too much about the complex and extremely unsettling story, but the script hints at horrific elements such as human sacrifices, reincarnation, pagan rites, excommunication, witches and super massive black holes. "Linkeroever" is basically a typical folklore tale, but set in a present day social environment and decorated with style & content elements that are borrowed from similarly-themed international horror classics like "The Wicker Man", "Blood on Satan's Skin" and "Rosemary's Baby". Pieter Van Hees generates a depressing and constantly grim atmosphere through simple tricks (autumn weather conditions, pauperized living areas…) and patiently takes the time to unfold the story and draw detailed character portraits. The denouement isn't that difficult to predict – especially not when you have experience with occult horror – but it nevertheless evokes a handful of genuine chills and nightmarish afterthoughts. Considering the fairly low budget and overall tense ambiance of the film, you shouldn't hope for a lot of bloodshed, though. Van Hees could rely on a professional crew as well. The photography, editing and musical guidance are damn close to brilliant and, following good old Belgian traditions, the film contains several dared but tasteful and quintessential sex sequences. Eline Kuppens is simply fantastic in her screen debut and she carries the entire motion picture like it's the easiest job in the world. She's a natural beauty with the talent and perseverance to make it even in the international film industry. Kuppens receives excellent support from the handsome young actor Matthias Schoenaerts and a couple of Flemish TV-screen veterans like Marilou Mermans, Frank Vercruyssen and Sien Eggers. Recommended for anyone who can speak the language and fundamental viewing for all Belgian film freaks.

Reviewed by trashgang8 / 10

underestimated flick

It took me 8 years to see this flick which in fact started the fame of Matthias Schoenaerts. He's leading here in this dark supernatural flick. I was lucky to have worked with him just before he left for Hollywood so I'm happy he signed this DVD. But back to this flick. Not only is Matthias above mediocre, the girl (Marie) he met is played by Eline Kuppens, not that famous but she also delivers the best.

The supernatural thing going on is the fact that Marie get injured while running in the woods. Her knee is damaged and slowly that knee decides her life. She falls for the smooth talking Bob (Schoenarts). They have sex everywhere they can have it and it's shown, both go the full monty.

It's towards the end when Marie is solving the puzzle that the supernatural comes in. The ending is an enigma, nothing is really explained.

Nice editing and shooting and the score do adds something special to the atmosphere. I can understand why this flick can be found at a lot of horror conventions. But if you want the original DVD that came out in Belgium you will have to search really hard, it's OOP. Luckily elsewhere in the world it's sold as Left Bank. A must see.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 2/5 Effects 2,5/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5

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