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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kevkristanto9 / 10

A Very Important Movie

A breathtaking and eye opening movie! Script is on point, the visuals are beautifully crafted. I think this movie is going to be an important piece for Indonesian teenagers. I imagine this to be a mandatory watch for sex educational purposes in schools.

This movie reflects the scary reality that is threatening coming-of-age adolescents. Not only in Indonesia, but everywhere in the world that uses social media.

And to address the elephant in the room. I believe the scandal of one of the main cast should not hinder the greater purpose of this film. Because this film is way greater beyond mere infotainment. I hope more people, especially Indonesians, can watch this movie.

Well done!

Reviewed by anastasiadebbyspr1 / 10

Message felt too forced

Without spoiling anything to the audience, Like & Share decided to bring up an important theme in Indonesian society: sexual assault and revenge porn.

But in the end the message felt too on the nose and the delivery feels uncreative. In an age where we have a multitude of great works bringing this theme up in ways that are innovative without losing its gravity (Promising Young Woman, being one of the many stellar examples),this movie feels very boring and dull in comparison.

The movie offers nothing new, and it feels too preachy as a consequence. It smacks you on the nose with its message. Not to mention the whole scandal that happened with the cast of the show, which definitely left a bad taste in people's mouths and did spoil the experience a little. Of course, had the movie been good it probably wouldn't have mattered, but the quality of this movie really isn't that special to the point of salvaging the whole thing.

I wouldn't suggest this movie to anyone I know, nor would I spend money on it. I'd really suggest watching Promising Young Woman if you're looking for a grittier movie surrounding SA as a theme.

Reviewed by mechahapsari10 / 10

This is a review about a movie, not its cast

I will review this movie based on the movie itself, not based on any personal matter that its cast may have. Because it is irrelevant.

I think this movie is very brave because it tells a story that is still considered taboo by many in Indonesia. It tells a story about, among others, pornography addiction on teens, sexual harassment, and rape. Although many might think the topic is still taboo, it is very important to bring up this subject to raise awareness, not just for teenagers, but also for parents, teachers, and others. Gina S. Noer successfully and beautifully captivates my attention from the first minute of this movie, until the last. I hope this movie can educate and can somehow change people's life for the better.

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