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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drpakmanrains10 / 10

Little Known Gem

Just caught this title browsing on Amazon and Netflix and watched it on DVD today. I was a little skeptical at first, as it looked a bit amateurish and corny, but boy! was I in for a surprise, in fact many surprises. The film centers on a 13 year old boy whose father is a Marine, whose mother is a recovering addict, and who dreams of being a singer, mostly in Hip-Hop style songs, which he sings with his dad. When his father is redeployed, it upsets the family dynamics, both emotionally and financially. The boy, played by Uriah Shelton, who by the way is extremely talented, seeks refuge from bullies at his local Baptist Church, in a rural Alabama town where much of the film takes place. The kind Pastor shows him a flier about an upcoming teen musical contest in Birmingham, and "Henry Matthews", (the boys name) wants to enter, going off on his own.

The majority of the middle is a lot like a rural version of American Idol or "X" Factor. The writer-director, Lexi Alexander, lets the participants actually perform large portions of their acts, and two of the judges are played by some well known personalities in real life. Just when the film looks like a cliché of contest films, unexpected twists and turns unfold. Be ready for some tear-jerking scenes, for only those with contempt for anything sentimental will be hard pressed to remain dry-eyed. You have to stay till the wonderful end to know what this film is really about.

This film needs to be seen, and given the $2,000,000 budget, it's amazing what can be accomplished by committed and talented people for a good cause.

Reviewed by happycatpaws9 / 10

lives up to it's name

I had never heard of this movie, so didn't know what to expect. I love music and am a military Mom, so with both themes involved in the movie, it was particularly close to my heart. This movie proves to me that it doesn't take big name stars to make a quality, well acted movie. The storyline particularly highlights the plights of military families and how their lives are affected when their loved ones are deployed. People who do not have family in the military may come away from the movie with a better understanding of what military families experience. There are multiple themes within the story, including drug usage, abuse, spirituality, family cohesiveness, etc. I do not think it would be appropriate for younger children,as although the talent of the young star in the movie is inspiring,the seriousness of particular elements may be better served by more mature audiences. In summary, I highly recommend this movie. It is well worth your time, will touch you, will make you want to hug your loved ones afterwards. It really will make you feel lifted and that is how I personally want to feel after watching movies.

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer8 / 10

sneaks up on the viewer ... and KA-BOOM

Writer slash director Lexi Alexander keeps making her resume more and more diverse, and this entry certainly will not hurt.

The most spectacular achievement here is that she achieves something even the best directors in Hollywood would kill for -- she takes the viewer completely by surprise at the 3/4 point in the film, with a twist only psychics and mediums could have seen coming.

No small feat, that.

The film has flaws here and there but overall it engages almost from the first scene and hold your attention. Again, no small feat, that.

Regional singer Todd Simpson is cast as a competing singer in the story and adds sparkle, virtually stealing all his scenes.


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