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Reviewed by ykjdh10 / 10

Hollywood is scared of faith based movies

I first found the Kendrick Brothers movie Courageous back when I was experiencing something similar as the character Nathan in that movie. I'll just say that movie had a message that reach a lot of people whether unexpected like it did with me or intentionally for its main audience. That audience has been ridiculed of late in the media and targeted by folks who simply have nothing better to do but insult others. This movie is an example of the evolving hate towards faith based movies and the audiences who support them. I was disappointed to hear my theater was only showing this for one week. I guess the subject matter if too conflicting with today's world climate.

Still, this is one of the best movies I've seen this year. The topic of abortion has been told before going back more than 30 years in another Kirk Cameron movie 'Listen to me.' That movie was produced and advertised by a major movie studio. This one is produced by Christian film makers who have a reputation or making thought provoking, heart warming movies with a message. Except where major Hollywood movies are throwing money making garbage, they're really missing out on an audience who financially support these movies.

This movie is well told, well acted, and moving. With the recent Roe v Wade issues in 2022, it's pro life stance likely scared away studios. No bother because those who enjoy good movies will still choose to spend their money on things they can take their families to see together.

A young man turns 18 and realizes he was adopted as his birth mother reaches out to him. Eventuality he learns some years earlier, his mother considered abortion. The relationship between mom and son takes this movie to a whole new level not shown in movies today....genuine heart and human emotion. Are there themes of faith and hope?? Of course, and it's not ashamed to go there. What it will do though is make you think while you find yourself really invested in the characters. You find yourself rooting for these folks on screen because you want them to succeed. There's some humor, some comedy, little action, and all around a pretty good time. Best part is you can take the family to this one and not worry about sex and profanity. I'm guessing the PG-13 rating comes as a caution due to the subject matter but otherwise this is clean entertainment. I highly recommend it. Show Hollywood their error in not producing more movies like the Kendrick Brothers films-which by the way went number 1 in 2015.

Reviewed by filmbuff-0570610 / 10

One Of The Most Powerful Movies I Have Ever Seen.

As a Christian who is a film buff, I have a love-hate relationship with Christian movies. Many seem too preachy, or hateful towards atheists or liberals, and many are not well shot.

I think The Kendrick Brothers make good movies though, and this one, their first dramatized true story, is their best film yet. I saw it with my Grandma, and we both gave it a 10/10. I hope that they continue to tell true stories.

Lifemark is a true story about an 18-year-old named David who was adopted. (Kirk Cameron, who did the Kendrick Brother's film Fireproof, plays his adoptive father.) Now that he is an adult, his birth mother wants to meet him. After some consideration, he agrees, and has a life-changing meeting with her.

From a filmmaking standpoint, it's very well made. No Oscars will come its way, (which is a little disappointing),but compared to other faith-based movies, even Kendrick Brothers films, the camera work, acting, and pace are all well done for a faith-based movie.

The story was also engaging. Often, in 2 hour movies, I have to use the bathroom in the middle. Lifemark is one of the few movies I have ever seen in theaters in one sitting. The fact that Lifemark is a true story that sticks to the facts makes it all the more incredible.

There is also some light humor in the film. One scene that comes to mind is a scene where David's birth mother asks him if he'd like to go skydiving, and there are some laughs involving David's best friend's fear of falling in the sky. (I'm with you, man! You couldn't pay me a million dollars to skydive!)

Most of all though, like the Kendrick Brother's previous film, Show Me The Father (a fantastic documentary, by the way),Lifemark's best quality is the film's heart.

Lifemark has a pro-life message. While it may seem convenient that this film releases just 2.5 months after the overturning of Roe V. Wade, this movie has actually been in the works for 3 years, long before the Dobbs V. Jackson buzz was going around.

Anyways, I have seen other pro-life Christian movies that were not good. Unplanned tells a contradictory story of a Planned Parenthood director becoming pro-choice to pro-life, and Loving The Bad Man tells of a rape victim not only having her attacker's baby but falling in love with the attacker as well. (I have reviewed both movies on my page if you would like to read more about my critiques of those movies.)

Lifemark tells a consistent and powerful story though. My Grandma and I were in tears often, like in a scene where David finds out that he was almost aborted. After The Bible and movies, the abortion debate- and the pro-life side in particular, is my 3rd main interest, and that made this movie even more powerful.

Sadly, due to the controversial nature of the message, Lifemark is only in limited theaters from September 9th-15th. I had to go to a theater almost 20 minutes away to see it. If you can see it in the next few days, please do. If not, buy the DVD. I'm going to ask for it for Christmas.

Lifemark is one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen, as well as one of the best Christian movies I have ever seen. With movies like this and Father Stu and less ones like God's Not Dead and Unplanned, Christian movies are only improving. The fact that true stories are being told, rather than far-fetched fiction, seems to be a benefit.

Simply put, Lifemark will set a mark in your life. No matter your views on religion or abortion, Lifemark has my highest recommendation.


Note to Hollywood: Co-writer and co-producer Alex Kendrick has stated that he's heard rumors of movies in favor of abortion are coming out in response to Roe's overturning. If that is the case, know that I do not intend to be in the theater for those. I want life-affirming stories, not death-affirming ones.

(I do enjoy Lake of Fire, a documentary about the complexity of both sides of the abortion debate.)


Reviewed by hopefulhuman88810 / 10

You will NOT regret watching this!

I've never given a movie 10 stars until this one! I was mildly interested in it before watching it and am so happy I did. I will warn you though it's a tear jerker. Finally a movie with a positive message, so badly needed in our day! Appropriate for the whole family.

Everyone should be able to relate to this movie. I found myself relating to poor choices I've made in my youth, I found myself relating to the longing to be loved and wanted in your family, and I found myself relating as a parent and the love you have for someone walking around with a piece of your heart.

If this movie gets downrated on IMBD, I can almost guarantee you that it will be because of trolls who believe in abortion. This movie though, does not focus on anti-abortion stances, but on the beauty that comes from the selfless act of adoption and the friends and family that are there for you supporting you through your ups and downs.

So heartwarming, only those without a heart will not like it.

Also wear waterproof mascara when seeing this!

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