Li Xiao Long chuan qi

2008 [CHINESE]

Action / Biography / Drama

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Ray Park Photo
Ray Park as Chuck Norris 4 episodes, 2008
Mark Dacascos Photo
Mark Dacascos as Thai Boxer 3 episodes, 2008
Michael Jai White Photo
Michael Jai White as Ali 3 episodes, 2008
Gary Daniels Photo
Gary Daniels as Ed Parker 2 episodes, 2008
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Reviewed by polizzicraig8 / 10

Bruce Lee is a Legend

I enjoyed watching the 50 episodes and although the acting is pretty poor it's worth watching. Another thing that annoyed me was reading the subtitles the whole series, it would of been more authentic if it had subtitles at the beginning in China but once he was in America switched it to English. I still enjoyed it, the guy that plays Bruce Lee looks and acts exactly like him and the action scenes are quite good. I highly recommend this series, especially if your a huge Bruce Lee fan like myself. The legend of Bruce Lee lives on through this series. Loved it.

Reviewed by hipressure10 / 10

A must see for true Bruce Lee fans

To call yourself a real Bruce Lee fan, and then credit Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story as being better than the Legend of Bruce Lee T.V. series is totally absurd!

The Legend of Bruce Lee T.V. series is clearly the most in-depth attempt any studio has ever made, in the telling of the life of martial arts master Bruce Lee. I have watched all 50 episodes, and as an avid Bruce Lee fan, I was very much pleased with what I viewed. There is enough information about the series on the web, so there is no need for me to go into an in-depth review, or spoil anything for those who may not have seen it.

I will say, that this series was very well done, despite it's budget. The acting was great, and the fight choreography was very good. Danny Chan was excellent as Bruce Lee. The best that I have ever seen. Did he mimic Bruce? Of course he did. He was playing the part of Bruce Lee after all! Were there continuity issues, and inconsistencies? Of course. Name one biopic that has gotten every single thing correct. Plus, not one of us knows every single detail of Bruce's life.

I was born in 1963. I have been a fan of Bruce Lee since I laid eyes on The Big Boss & Fist of Fury. These were two of the first martial arts movies my late father took me and my older bother to see in the early 70's This began for me and my brother a lifelong interest in martial arts, and anything Bruce Lee related. If you're a true fan of the martial arts master you will view this series just like I did.

The Legend of Bruce Lee is a treasure for every true fan of the master Bruce Lee!

Reviewed by aura7728 / 10

"I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine. " Bruce Lee

First of all, IMDb users and Bruce Lee fans must know that this is truly a very cheap production. The editing is amateurish, the cinematography is amateurish, the script is unbelievably amateurish and of course, most of the acting is amateurish. You can actually see one extra playing in almost all 50 episodes (a doctor, a pupil of Bruce Lee, a high school colleague of Bruce, then a university colleague of Bruce, dining at most of the restaurants Bruce dines etc.) it's annoyingly obvious they didn't bother to think it all out, after all, it's the life of Bruce Lee, cultural icon and hero to the Chinese people.

I can't help but comment on Danny Chan, he looks almost like he's a clone of Bruce Lee. I heard he prepared for a full year before filming and it's probably true, he, at least, does his best to give Bruce a run for his money. It's not just about the looks, the guy tries to mimic Bruce's every feature and strand. The animal sounds, Bruce's famous kicks and punches, his facial expressions... But the fight scenes... They did some pretty lame wire work in some of the last episodes and the fight scenes are not as good as the real Bruce would've done, but overall that's OK. There is just one Bruce Lee and he cannot be imitated. My personal favorite scenes where the ones with Danny Chan running, specially those filmed on the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Love. Don't even think about cheesy scenes between Bruce and women, the first time he kisses a girl on screen is after his first date with Linda, around the 23rd episode or so, although he always has women chasing after him. There are no love, but after Brandon is born, you can see the couple wearing matching house outfits, cuddling, playing with the kids and everything else families do.

After the 40th episode they kinda dedicated one episode for each of his movies, including "The Green Hornet". Throughout the series, Bruce is constantly challenged by various people to fight, many of whom end up his friends and students. His miraculous recovery was a "wtf?" moment: Being unable to feel his legs (for the rest of his life according to the doctors) he watches Brandon Lee (his son) loosing his foothold and lightning-fast he runs caching him before the child can hit the ground, realizing what he did only after he hears Linda screaming in amazement.

The last episode was mind-blowing. He just died, out of nowhere, like it was in reality. On the verge of achieving his much deserved glory, Bruce Lee died, leaving his family and friends with the millions of fans shocked and curious. I am glad I watched this TV series, it opened my imagination and made me aware of how much Bruce Lee has changed the world. In the beginning I was curious about his death, now I think his life changed more than a million others. That is why he is still loved and looked up to today.

Maybe this series is not the best production in the world. But trust me, you won't regret watching it.

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