Leonor Will Never Die

2022 [TAGALOG]

Action / Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by chenp-547087 / 10


Saw this back at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

Martika Ramirez Escobar definitely created a very weird narrative as this movie did feel like something Charlie Kaufman would make. Philippines cinema is very interesting as they had a really weird history of making 80s action movies that were over the top and somewhat guerrilla style of filmmaking. Escobar being a young filmmaker did a good job on capturing that tone. The character that actress Sheila Francisco was the best selling point as she made the movie fun and interesting. The production designs in both the real world and fantasy world was really good. The camerawork was also really good.

Storywise was interesting. But I did wish there was more to offer as I felt like Escobar didn't really take full advantage of the story as if could have been. The pacing was what made the movie lacking as it did get lost halfway but does pick up towards the third act of the movie. Some musical choices were really bad but I guess that was purposely done to create a real capture of the cheesy times of the 80s. Despite my problems with the movie, I still enjoy this movie quite a bit.

That pregnant man joke was funny tho.

Rating: B-

Reviewed by Blue-Grotto6 / 10

Dreams and reality collide

When a former film star, Leonor, gets clocked in the head by a falling television, she drifts into a world where dreams and reality collide. Wandering like a ghost in one of her unfinished films, Leonor confronts villains and assists friends in a world as far-fetched as her imagination. Concerned friends and relatives attempt to revive her from her dream-like state, but they also become transformed by her visions.

Winner of the Sundance special jury prize, Leonor Will Never Die is a heart-warming, funky, purely Filipino, and humorous tribute to the power of film, stories, imagination, and community. Seen at the Toronto International Film Festival, midnight madness.

Reviewed by drewalarcon-0204710 / 10

Mind Blown!!

I am still feeling stoked after watching it. What a ride that was!! Damn!! The film brought me into different emotions and then smash it when i got a hold of it. Very Kaufmann and Beckett feels. It is like Chekovian experience as well. Great performances from Sheila Francisco as Leonor and Bong Cabrera as her son Rudie. Watch out for this gem of a film from the Philippines. Now, i need to see those 80's action movies from the Philippines. Any links?

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