Leonard Part 6


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomimt1 / 10

Bad, bad, baad

There are bad movies like the ones Ed wood used to make and there are bad movies like "Leonard part 6".

Now the difference between these two groups is, that when you watch Ed Wood movies you can laugh at the fact how serious he was. But with this supposed to be comedy you are just dazed at the fact how shamelessly this movie has been made relying only on the 80's comedy icon Bill Cosby.

I can see how the script of this agent parody might have looked funny, with all the James Bond jokes it has, but somewhere in the making everyone just forgot to do their jobs properly, thus ending up with this pile of totally unfunny crap.

As stated nothing works, special effects are bad and they probably looked outdated the year this movie came out. Actors are bored and they don't even try and same can be said of director Paul Weiland.

Avoid if you can.

Reviewed by jboothmillard1 / 10

Leonard Part 6

I had always heard about this film for the leading star, who I knew from The Cosby Show, and I knew it is considered one of the worst films ever made, I had to know why, from Razzie nominated director Paul Weiland (Mr. Bean, City Slickers: The Legend of Curly's Gold, Blackadder: Back and Forth, Made of Honour). Basically Leonard Parker (Razzie winning Bill Cosby) is a former CIA spy who quit the agency following the separation from his wife Allison Parker (Dallas's Pat Colbert) seven years ago, she refuses to speak with him, and his daughter Joan (Dumb and Dumber's Victoria Rowell) is dating a much older man, Leonard is now a restaurateur. The government call Leonard in to be re-recruited for a mission to save the world, many normally friendly animals have been taken captive and hypnotised to becoming killing machines, they have been brainwashed by evil vegetarian Medusa Johnson (Razzie nominated Gloria Foster) who wants to take over the world. While preparing to face Medusa and her army of warped animals and vegetarians, whose only weakness is raw meat, including getting some gadgets and information from his boss Nick Snyderburn (Joe Don Baker),Leonard makes an effort to try and reconnect with his wife over dinner. Leonard is armoured with his special secret agent suit and ready to face the villains, in the end he defeats the many vegetarians, frees the animals and his kidnapped wife, destroys the mind controlling machine, Medusa is defeated and Leonard is finally able to reunite with his wife and get away from the spy world. Also starring Tom Courtenay as Frayn, Moses Gunn as Giorgio Francozzi, David Maier as Man Ray, Grace Zabriskie as Jefferson and Jane Fonda makes a cameo in a spoof of one of her exercise videos. I should add, the title refers to the idea that this is the sixth instalment to a series of films featuring the adventures of Leonard, with the other five parts hidden away for security purposes, and also, when I watched this, it was while Cosby was being accused of sexual assault by various women. Cosby is daft as the secret agent with stupid abilities and skills, and Foster is rather ridiculous as the power-hungry herbivorous bitch, the problem is not just that the film is full of ridiculous moments that are apparently meant to make you laugh, like infiltrating a building while dancing ballet, and escaping an exploding building on an ostrich, the story both ludicrous and boring James Bond, it's just an unfunny and unwatchable comedy. It won the Razzies for Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay, and it was nominated for Worst 'Comedy' of Our First 25 Years. Poor!

Reviewed by tipplerunkus1 / 10

Merciful God in heaven above!!!!!!!

Bill Cosby must have lost some kind of bet with Satan to end up making a film as mind-meltingly dreadful as "Leonard Part 6". A stupefyingly unfunny, self-indulgent mess of a film that will have you wanting to tare your skin off with your fingernails just so you'll have something else to do.

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