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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thomasbarr-733587 / 10

Great suspense with a twist.

I read the other reviews of this film and it feels like we did not see the same movie. Straight of the bat. This is a suspenseful thriller with horror elements (which people jumped in their seat from),but it is not a hard core horror. It has cool plot and a mystery to be solved. A baby left at a cemetery in the US 20 years ago has an adult managed to track down Norway as the place were she thinks she can find out who and why she was left. Things start getting dicey soon as she makes contact with the people she thinks has answers and from there on out it is one of the most suspenseful films I have seen this year. A elegantly told story with surprises accompanied beautiful cinematography, yes a bit dark at times, but it suites the tone. I also really liked parts of the score. Could be to demanding for younger viewers just looking for gore and killing. There was some truly great acting (I must mention the main character Hunter, the guy that plays her father and her grandfather) I have no idea who these people are that would say the acting is bad or that the English accents are bad. Have you not understood the movie? They have accents because they are Norwegians talking to an American. Also the acting was surprisingly good! I think this film is perfect for people that love a good mystery and can take a scare, but don't want a jump scare fest.

Reviewed by bgbarstad-580553 / 10

I want my money back.

Firstly, I actually had some high expectations for this movie. It has been featured in the media heavily over the last months before it's release. And looked really interesting in the trailer.

How wrong I was. There was 4 horror scenes in a HORROR MOVIE. Still, even though the movie is under 2 hours long, that is criminal. None of the scenes are scary. It's the most basic format of jumpscares that we have seen in any other scary movie, and the directors didn't dare to go all out with the few scary scenes they had. What I mean by that is that before the so called jumpscare itself happens, the director allows you to be prepared for what is going to occur.

And the acting... man this was heavily cringe a lot of times. It felt like the actors didn't try. And the story is all over the place and can't find it's footing at any time during the movie. The American actress at least tries, and outshines the Norwegian actos even though her performances is not any good at all.

Sorry, but if you expected a horror movie I have to say this is a mild thriller only.

Reviewed by randyjensen-993592 / 10

Pretty bad

Went to see this having barely seen the trailer. Man was it pretty bad. In the first ten minutes I realized it had to be a b film.

The acting is awful. The main actress has a terrible American "accent." And there are too many cringy scenes. The dialogue most times is incredibly unnatural. And the writers add in slang attitude lines that a 13 yo would say maybe back in 1998.

The story is incredibly out of focus as well. Somehow she keeps looking for a diary, but where did she even hear about it? And then does she find it? Well I won't spoil that. But there is way too much that doesn't make sense in the story.

The film locations are amazing though. I love how they use a lot of scenic shots of the city and countryside along the way. And the score wasn't horrible. The bedroom scene may have been a bit over glorified though. Lol There are too many poorly lit shots as well where there is too much light coming into only part of the frame. It's distractingly bad.

Overall I didn't care for the movie, but I'm sure some people may think it's fun. So I give it a 2. For the 2 people that actually will think it's great.

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