Le poil de la bête

2010 [FRENCH]

Adventure / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gdesinis-948-8129484 / 10

Full of everything, empty to the core

I've been a horror fan since childhood, and werewolves movies are so few so when a new title is out there, I try to watch it as soon as possible. But what a disappointment with this one. At the first ten minutes I realized that this wasn't a real horror movie, well, horror comedy is OK when you got the right tone, but here we got a mix of too much elements; comedy, suspense, fairy tale, horror?, folklore, and a very long etc. The problem is the mix, this movie goes nowhere, it doesn't have identity and the cocktail finally is way too tasteless. Not to mention the werewolves CGI that looks like play station 1. Well, at least it doesn't bore you, a few laughs over here and there, but I'll be waiting for a new "real" wolf man movie.

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

Not fur everyone

This is a light french horror movie. Spiked with humor throughout and a charismatic lead. It may not explain a lot (which can be considered either good or bad, depending on ones taste),but it does show a few things (though it is not too gory or anything of course). The suave way of the main character will either find you excited, happy and eager or numb altogether.

I watched it at a Festival and really liked it. Not without its flaws of course, but as lightweight entertainment it does work very well. The story is easy to follow and might be predictable to anyone who's seen a few of those movies. If that doesn't put you off the fun, then enjoy

Reviewed by kluseba6 / 10

Too much of everything but nothing concrete

This movie wants to be as diversified as possible but it takes too many bits and parts of almost every style. Some historical and folklore influences here, some spooky horror movie inspirations over there, a little bit of the Quebecker's typical comedy style in here, some little pieces of a classical adventure movie without forgetting some fantasy or fairy tale allusions brought to us in a tale teller's style, another bit of suspense, then a bit of a classical romance or love story... In the beginning, you could really get confused with all these influences. I really asked myself in the first thirty minutes: what's this movie? A comedy movie? An adventure movie? A semi-historical movie? A horror movie? Well, the movie takes bits and parts of everything but it isn't really into some style for real. We have a big identity problem here and this potpourri of styles isn't really good for the dynamic and tension of the film. But at least, it makes this movie somehow unpredictable and kind of unique. I think this is really the first serious werewolf movie that has ever been done in Quebec and it doesn't copy the usual Hollywood clichés or the classical pioneer stories. The movie has its own identity and it is sympathetic.

This "unstraight" movie isn't a bad one at all. The movie shows us many breathtaking landscapes. The movie presents many interesting historical personalities, cities and behaviours. The actors are all doing at least a very solid job and many famous Quebeckers play in this movie once again. The twists and the script are not that surprising or shocking but at least funny and somehow original.

If you want to see a movie with a quite huge variety of styles, a unique atmosphere and the typical solid and charming Quebecker style of filming and acting, you will at least get a very entertaining and somehow original movie. If you are looking for an intense werewolf movie or horror film, you will probably not get what you are waiting for. This movie is not very twisted or profound, but it is clear from the beginning on that the actors and directors don't take themselves that serious. You will get at least a very entertaining and charming movie but not a masterpiece about which you will think about for a long while. The movie is worth to be seen once but it is not worth buying the upcoming DVD in the future.

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