Le gendarme et les gendarmettes

1982 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Crime

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Louis de Funès Photo
Louis de Funès as Maréchal des Logis-chef Ludovic Cruchot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by majdo0077 / 10

still nice

Well, we have the last film about famous French policemen. We may ask if it will enchant us with something new. Actually yes. Everyone who has seen previous parts and enjoyed them should take a look at this one.

In my opinion, the plot isn't boring. As for humour, you won't be let down. However, I must admit that some of stuff is pretty similar to that seen before. But after all it is a small drawback and of course Louis de Funes did a good job as usual. It is one of the last films with him (or even the last one!).

On the whole, we get a sensible end of the serial. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by deloudelouvain4 / 10

The weakest of all Gendarme movies.

I rewatched all the "Gendarme" movies, classics from my youth, when you didn't have much choice too chose from. I'm a big fan of Louis de Funès so I never thought I would say it but I think enough is enough. This one is definitely the weakest of all the Gendarme movies. The plot is just not good. It's also borderline sexist and racist, maybe not for that time but certainly for this era. That said it's always fun to watch Louis de Funès, the man of thousand faces. Michel Galabru is also a great comedian and when those two form a pair it's just worth watching. It's a shame the plot is sometimes so dumb, a shame for those two great actors. From all the movies starring Louis de Funès I think this one is the weakest.

Reviewed by ma-cortes6 / 10

Again Louis De Funes shows his special talent with the Gendarmes in Sainz-Tropez

Officer Ludovic Cruchot's(Louis De Funes) along with his outfit(Maurice Risch, Grosso and the chief, Michael Galabru, though isn't Jean Lefevre) are transferred to new and modern Gendarmerie Nationale with computer included. When appear four Gendarmettes the gendarmes group is revolutionized. Then two Gendarmettes are kidnapped by an issue of secret codes and Cruchot goes into action. He's secretly moving in disguise, dressing as woman.

This agreeable French comedy about the sympathetic gendarmes contains enjoyable humor, brief intrigue, too much fun and lively situations. There's a certain critical to the French customs and especially a banter of French Police called Gendarmerie. Louis De Funes, as always overacting , he puts faces, grimaces, stooges, tongue twister and lots of gesticulation . This is a pretty amusing farce with the master comic Funes in his usual role. Claude Gensac as his habitual wife, she collaborated with Funes in ten films, often acting his character's spouse. Fine local photography and atmospheric musical score with catching leitmotif by Raymond Lefevre. The motion picture is well made by customary director, Jean Girault. Picture is a Funes vehicle, he's a real comic and authentic farceur. If you like Funes' crazy interpretation you'll enjoy this one. This is the last picture from Cruchot series, another films are : The Gendarme and the creatures from outer space; The Gendarme takes off; The Gendarme get married; Gendarme in N.Y. and the classic, The Gendarme of St. Tropez.

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