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Reviewed by deirdre-maitre9 / 10

Rich with gratifying subtext and nuance

This film has so many layers of subtext about the nature of the human condition, that its difficult to articulate the essence of its power as a cinematic experience. If there is an articulation, its in the discussion of its larger themes--longing, fear, betrayal, forgiveness.

However, its the film's denouement which speaks best to the filmmaker's talent and willingness to take risks. In some ways, its the kind of risk we've been watching her characters' take in the film. Its toward the end, when the Italian ballad L'Animale (also the film's namesake) fades in and with little warning, each main character, one by one, in their isolation, breaks the forth wall to look at the audience with naked vulnerability as they slowly sing along. Its a breathtaking shift. They know we are there with them, sharing in human confusion and pain.

Shortly thereafter, we hear, off-screen, almost in passing, a school teacher tell her pupils, including Mati, the lead, that the final poem of the class is one by Goethe about taking risks .

If at first glance L'Animale is about gender identity, its also a film that delves deeper to say something about Mückstein's complex identity as a filmmaker-- uno shiavo delle passioni.

I saw this film at Berlinale 2018 and was very moved.

Reviewed by ritedo8 / 10

To see another time to love it even more

I would love to see the film again. I liked it very much but on the internet I can not find anything. Someone can help me?

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