Lange flate ballær III



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Reviewed by mieriks6 / 10

A local, but funny comedy

This is a simple movie that has the typical story of a comedy, but is still a funny one. It uses many familiar and funny phrases that bring the movie to life. The cinematography is obviously on another level than Long Flat Balls (2006) and Long Flat Balls II (2008),which makes the movie more complete and modern, but that is also obviously because of today's technology compared to the technology 14-16 years ago. Anyway, recommending as a popcorn movie, especially for local ones!

Reviewed by jennewein-991-7933229 / 10


It's really hard to do, but the filmmakers have managed to make this second sequel just as laugh out loud funny as the original. While this immensely charming gang of idiots unwittingly dig themselves deeper and deeper into trouble, we never stop caring in their core humanity or hoping that what's at stake emotionally will be won in the end. A comedy with big heart, LFB 3 also has a heart-pounding action sequence that would not be out of place in a Jason Bourne flick. Kudos to all and I'm cheering for Zwart and friends to turn this into a TV series. The more time I spend with these characters the more I fall in love with them and can't wait to see what they do next.

Reviewed by megamoto858 / 10

Just a really funny movie that doesnt take itself seriously

I was laughing and having a good time throughout this movie, there are some goofy parts like the Hellbillies concert that felt more like filler content than anything else, but all in all the movie was really funny, great effects, the car chase scene was spectacular. This third movie has earned its place in the now triology.

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