Land of Dreams



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Anna Gunn Photo
Anna Gunn as Nancy / Betty
Matt Dillon Photo
Matt Dillon as Alan
Christopher McDonald Photo
Christopher McDonald as Blair / Bob
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RyyanDavis10 / 10

A wondefuly touching film

I just loved this film. Much like a dream, it stays with you long after you leave it. The acting was phenomenal, the cinematography heartbreaking, and the message sublime. I see some comments have criticized this film for departing from a traditional narrative, but, that is exactly what I loved about it. This film shows you rather than tells you. It takes you, like Virgil, down the path. But it never tells you what the experience is, it leaves you free to have your own connection to the story and its meaning. That is J. C. Carrière's style and Neshat/Azari stayed true to this master writer's Mise-en-scène by allowing the audience to use their sense of wonder and imagination to draw conclusions. This film is a much needed departure from the cookie cutter virtue signaling nonsense coming from Hollywood and Indie cinema these days. Cant wait to see it again.

Reviewed by rob_c_691 / 10

...just a bad movie....

I am of the idea that a movie should tell you a story, within its own terms and following its own rules, HOWEVER, keep it coherent or adhesive and it'll all go well... also, just like Wes Anderson can only do Wes Anderson movies, or Guy Ritchie can only do Guy Ritchie movies, the Cohen brothers, Christopher Nolan, etc. Etc. *only* David Lynch can do David Lynch.

I get it, maybe the intention of the movie is it to feel like a dream, with no coherence, vague, surrealist and confusing, but you have yo bind it all together with some intent... which is, what? Otherwise, is there a porpoise, *at all*, with this movie, other than confusing its audience?

Reviewed by Directusy5 / 10

Disappointed by the production

The production could be much better with even a lower budget. I can just feel that there are some sloppiness here and there. Also, the solo part of the leading actress is too straightforward.

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