La sangre y la lluvia

2009 [SPANISH]


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Reviewed by dbborroughs8 / 10

Bleak black and not for kids or the weak of heart

On a rainy night in Bogata Jorge is dropping off a fare. Across the way car pulls up and two men tell Jorge that they want to set up a meeting for their boss to give him information about the death of his brother. Jorge doesn't want to hear it and doesn't feel safe so gets out of his cab with a crow bar. One of the other men beats him up for "disrespecting" them. This then sets in motion a series of events that will result his meeting lonely party girl Angela and violence.

Nihilistic doesn't begin to describe this bleak black film. It's a film that hangs around you and makes you feel unclean. This is not a happy movie and you may hate yourself for seeing it, as a couple at the Tribeca film Festival screening I attended did. Its dark oppressive and you can't escape. It's a film that moves toward its conclusion with a certainty that none of the characters has, much like all of us.

Its clearly the calling card of a director with a huge amount of talent.

This is a film I admire a great deal. I'm still not sure I more than like it but at the same time I think that this a film worth seeing.

A word of warning there is full frontal nudity, graphic sex, violence and general unpleasantness. This is a film that will probably be released in the US as either an NC17 or more likely unrated. Keep the kids away.

Reviewed by christopher-underwood8 / 10

rain drenched streets of Bogota

Jorge Navas' debut film is an Argentine/Columbia co-production that, I guess, will do nothing for either country's tourist trade. Just about qualifying as a neo noir, this rain drenched streets of Bogota, set thriller is pretty bleak. Stylish and violent, this uncompromising film tells a simple enough story spanning just one evening in this scary place. Ugly streets, menacing guys and drugged up party people and drugged up gangsters make for a heady mix of a movie that is never going to end well. Some great scenes, good characterisation and decent dialogue but this doesn't quite have enough to really set it alight. A leisurely pace is fine but we could have done with a little more variety. This took itself very seriously and in the end had less to say than the average TV episode of the French, Spiral or even the British Luther. Still a very good film though and well worth seeing, even if only for those dirty streets and that dirty club.

Reviewed by druid333-29 / 10

Walking Across The Razor's Edge In Colombia

It has been often said that cinema is a mirror of what transpires in modern day society (and that goes for elements,both bad,as well as good). Jorge Nava's 'La Sangre y la Lluvia',or 'Blood & Rain' tells a dark story of modern day events in the big city (in this case,Bogota,Colombia). The story concerns a taxi driver,named Jorge (played by Quique Mendoza),who's brother was gunned down recently by some of Bogota's slimy crime element (including the police),and is trying to get his head together,and Angela,a hard drinking,coke head party girl (played by Gloria Montoya),who just wants to have fun (obviously in the worst way). These two damaged souls are brought together by chance on a rain soaked night (after Jorge is nearly beaten to death by Lt. Gonzales,another hard drinking,cocaine snorting policeman who is total scum,played by an intense Hernan Mendez,he is found by Angela,is brought to hospital,and seems to take a fancy to Jorge). Things from here take on an even darker turn,as Lt.Gonzales,with the help of some other fellow officers,even worse than he,try to hunt Jorge down to deal with him,face to face (again). Jorge Nava directs & co writes the screenplay,with the assistance of Carlos Henao & Alize LeMaoult,a taut,gritty tale of a dark night of the soul in the big city. Passing resemblances to Martin Scorsese's 'Taxi Driver' & 'Mean Streets' will be duly noted. The film earns it's edgy look by cinematographer Juan Carlos Gil,which opts for a "film noir" look. Not...repeat,NOT a pick to click as a first time date movie. Spoken in Spanish with English subtitles. Not rated by the MPAA (the film has no American distributor,but gets circulated via the film festival circuit),this film has pervasive strong language,full frontal nudity,some strong sexual content,rampant drug & alcohol abuse & violence,some of which is graphic & disturbing. Leave the kiddies home.

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