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Reviewed by mrvino158 / 10

definitely worth a watch!

I grew up next to all of this art and style and while it's not my thing I appreciate the hell out of it. Especially what these 2 guys brought to it and how they brought it. I love art and these guys should be recognized. This was a fun, entertaining documentary whether you're into that lifestyle or not.

Reviewed by marmar-697806 / 10

la originals

La originals is a documentry ,first i will say that im not big fan of them since they have to simple stories for me or they are exploring lifes of people that i dont care about,and i never heard before watching this about people they are focusing story on,on photographer and tattoo artist,but after watching it i appriciated what they were making,and i had solid time in front of screen,i will say also that that two guys expecely mister cartoon are very good in their jobs and they showed how they share passion for staff that they are doing,la originals was a fine documentry but it didnt win me over completly so i can start to enjoy watching staff like this more

Reviewed by zkiko3 / 10

Too bad the makers of this documentary went for the celebrity angle

First off, much props to Mr Cartoon and Estevan. But here im reviewing the documentary and not them. I feel it focussed way too much on celebs and their soundbites. It is supposed to impress people that are in the celeb worshiping culture. Im not. Im much more interested in authentic stories and real people. The part where they document non celebrities and people that live the LA street culture for real was a very small segment towards the end of the doc. Which was the greatest and most interesting part of the doc.

Too much of this documentary was celebrities saying how cool Cartoon's tats are and how cool Estevan's pictures are. Kind of a huge circle jerking type of ish that goes on a lot in generic documentaries. That's a shame, since there is so much potential with Cartoon and Estevan as a the centre of a documentary and with such a budget. It could have become epic, instead of generic.

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