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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho8 / 10

Still Delightful and Witty after so Many Years

In Los Angeles, the meteorologist Harris K. Telemacher (Steve Martin) is the wacky weatherman of television news. He has a wasted relationship with his obnoxious girlfriend Trudi (Marilu Henner) and he feel that he lives a boring life.

When Harris meets the Londoner journalist Sara McDowell (Victoria Tennant),who has come to LA to write en article for the London Times, in a brunch party with her ex-husband Roland Mackey (Richard E. Grant) and other friends, he believes that she is the woman of his life. Harris does not know how to seduce her and he discovers that Trudi has been cheating him with his agent for three years. Then Harry dates the younger aspirant spokesmodel SanDeE* (Sarah Jessica Parker) because he believes that Sara is interested in her ex-husband. However a freeway signpost helps Harry to woo Sara.

"L.A. Story" is a romantic comedy that is still delightful and witty after so many years from the release. The chemistry between Steve Martin and his wife is perfect and there are hilarious dialogs and situations, like for example, when Harris tells Sara that he would like to take her on a cultural tour of L.A., and Sara replies that this would be the first fifteen minutes. Or when he tells to SanDeE* that her breasts are weird and she answers that it is because they are real. Or when SanDeE* and Roland fantasize with Mel Gibson. In addition, there are cameos of many actors and famous people. The music score by Enya is awesome and fits perfectly to the conclusion. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "L.A. Story"

Reviewed by MartinHafer5 / 10

Great for Los Angelinos and those who like this style of humor--otherwise, beware

My wife and I have some friends who raved about this movie again and again until we were compelled to see it just to shut them up and leave us alone! And while we sat there with them, listening to them laugh, my wife and I just looked at each other and we knew exactly what the other was thinking--"this just isn't funny and these two have suckered us into seeing a dull film AGAIN". In fact, while they laughed and laughed, I only remember laughing one time during the film and that was during the wonderful highway scene. Sure, there were a few other cute moments here and there that were nice commentaries on life in L.A., but the rest of the film just put me to sleep. In particular, the relationship between Martin and bubble-headed Sarah Jessica Parker just killed the movie, as did the romance between Martin and his then wife, Victoria Tennant. Had the film just stuck to social commentary, then it might have scored a 6 or 7, but with being bogged down by meaningless and dull romances, the whole thing just seemed like a chore to finish. Sorry. Maybe this is your "cup of tea", but for this pretty average Joe, it wasn't.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

Amazing, one of my favourite Steve Martin films for sure!

I'd say Planes, Trains and Automobiles, The Jerk and The Man with Two Brains are marginally better as far as Steve Martin films go, but LA Story is a true gem and not only one of Martin's better films but I think one of his better performances too. The film is very warm-hearted, touching and quirky, and Martin plays his part absolutely beautifully, it is a slight departure to some of his other roles but there are enough ingredients there to please fans. The script is both funny and charming, the soundtrack is absolutely stunning, there are some truly lovely comic set pieces, the direction is fine, the pacing is brisk and the story is never dull and like the film is warm-hearted. Martin is supported solidly by Sarah Jessica Parker and Richard E. Grant, and Rick Moranis and Patrick Stewart's cameos were a delight too. Overall, amazing film, definitely worth seeing. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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