L.A. Bounty


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Sybil Danning as Ruger
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Wings Hauser as Cavanaugh
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Henry Darrow as Lt. Chandler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon4 / 10

Disappointing action vehicle for Sybil Danning; no fighting whatsoever

This is the last film Sybil Danning made before "retiring" from the screen for about 18 years (and making a comeback now, in 2007). Starring, writing the story and co-producing, Sybil fashioned herself here as a female Charles Bronson - "the strong, silent type", as even another character calls her. The problem is that her character is such a blank that she isn't interesting - maybe a few one-liners and / or arrogant smiles would have helped. The other problem is that she relies almost exclusively on her guns and doesn't get to throw even a single punch. She does handle her weaponry in a very professional, serious-minded manner, but I, for one, was disappointed that she didn't have even one tiny fight. Wings Hauser tries very hard to make his villain eccentric, but his performance is only slightly less uninspired than the rest of the movie. The production is cheap and low-grade (though the stuntmen do a good job),and the big "twist" of the plot is ludicrous. (*1/2)

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden7 / 10

Undemanding fun.

B movie sexpot Sybil Danning also gets story author and producer credit on this routine but competently handled little picture. She casts herself as Ruger, a strong / silent type who never talks much but is capable of effortlessly taking out the trash. Ruger is a tough ex-cop turned bounty hunter who gets involved when a mayoral candidate (episodic TV veteran Robert Hanley) is kidnapped. The mastermind is a jovial psychotic who is unsurprisingly played to the hilt by ever-reliable Wings Hauser.

Ruger is definitely a change of pace for Danning; the movie never even really tries to sexualize her character (if the viewer wants sex appeal, that's what actress Max Wasa ("House of Manson") and other female bit players are for). Danning manages to give one of her better - or at least more interesting - performances, and it's worth noting that she speaks a grand total of about 31 words in the story. But it's the villainy of the smiling Wings that is the main attraction. The movie is uninspired, for the most part, but certainly watchable; one of the best sequences happens at the end when Wings is throwing every distraction at Sybil that he can.

Worth Keeter ("Illicit Behavior") directs capably, and "L. A. Bounty" does have some pretty good action sequences. The cast of familiar faces also includes Lenore Kasdorf ("Missing in Action"),Henry Darrow ('The High Chaparral'),Blackie Dammett ("National Lampoon's Class Reunion"),Branscombe Richmond ("Hard to Kill"),Frank Doubleday ("Escape from New York"),Bob Minor ("Forced Vengeance"),and Robert "Count Yorga" Quarry.

Howard Leese of the band Heart is one of those credited with the score; the cinematography is by the legendary, prolific indie D. P. Gary Graver.

Excellent stunts, nasty violence, a high body count, and a solid pace add up to a fairly good time for B movie lovers.

Seven out of 10.

Reviewed by Vomitron_G4 / 10

Stark-raving mad Wings Hauser versus stone-cold Sybil Danning

Hauser plays a sadistic & cunning drug-lord in this one. He's a real madman & he's clearly having a lot of fun playing one. Sybil Danning plays a hard-boiled ex-cop turned bounty hunter out for revenge. Out to get Hauser, that is, because years ago he killed her partner. This flick really isn't that much worse than some of the early works of Steven Seagal, JC Van Damme or even Arnie Schwarzenegger. So, know what to expect and you'll have some fun with it. It's all nonsense, naturally, but we get some bloody shoot-outs (western-style, even),car chases, torturings & female nudity. Not much to complain about. One to watch if you're a Hauser fan for sure. He's stealing the show here.

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