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Milla Jovovich as Maya Carlton
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Christian Slater as George Kuffs
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Ashley Judd as Wife of Paint Store Owner
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Tony Goldwyn as Ted Bukovsky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gaffer-168 / 10

Harmless Christian Slater Vehicle.

This is a perfectly enjoyable light romp. Slater is very charming as the over his head young man that inherits his brothers security business. This is nothing more then enjoyable fluff. Slater fans may have overlooked this cute little movie.

Reviewed by bkoganbing7 / 10

From The Days of the Miners and Forty Niners

If the rather quirky and unique screen personality of Christian Slater is not your cup of tea, than I'd stay away from Kuffs. Reading the film credits before writing this review I learned that Kuffs was written specifically for Slater. I can't see anyone else this role of George Kuffs, amiable high school dropout who can't get his life together and is sponging off his big brother Bruce Boxleitner.

Boxleitner is a patrol specialist, an institution dating from the days of the Forty Niners and unique unto San Francisco. There were not enough police to enforce any semblance of law and order in a town that just mushroomed over night. The city fathers assigned specific areas to people to enforce law and order and Boxleitner has one of those districts.

But in his area, the merchants are being harassed and extorted and he's being offered a huge bribe to sell his district to some really nasty people. When he doesn't Boxleitner is killed and Christian Slater inherits his job.

Despite some really gaping holes in the plot, the film is really carried along quite nicely by Christian Slater. Others in the cast of note are Milla Jovavich as his pregnant girlfriend, Leon Rippy as the hood who murdered Boxleitner and Tony Goldwyn as the SFPD officer assigned to Slater to keep him from getting killed.

Still Kuffs is strictly a Christian Slater show and his fans will absolutely love it.

Reviewed by Prismark102 / 10

Private patrol

Christian Slater continues with his low rent Jack Nicholson impersonation in the dismal Kuffs. A film that tonally is all over the place not sure whether it is a buddy cop drama, a comedy or a violent thriller. At one point it is a buddy dog/cop film.

Slater plays George Kuffs, a slacker usually borrowing money from his brother Brad a private patrol man who owns a district in San Francisco and patrols it for its citizens who pay him for protection.

When Brad is killed by a violent gang gang member, George decides to continue with the security firm even though there are people willing to buy the district from him and George has no experience in keeping the citizens safe.

As in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Slater constantly gives his thoughts to the camera. Harold Faltermeyer's 1980s tinged soundtrack just reminds you that this film was passed over by Eddie Murphy as it has hints of Beverly Hills Cop and 48 Hours.

The script is just dreadful despite Slater trying to be show an appealing persona. Some of the action sequences are poorly staged varying from being violent to then being comic as well as being absurd.

Like Slater when he has his shirt off, This is just lightweight fluff that shows some interesting shots of San Francisco which is the best that can be said of this movie.

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