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Gilles Lellouche Photo
Gilles Lellouche as Mathieu Roussel
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Joanna Kulig as Svetlana
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Mikhail Gorevoy as Rostov
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AvionPrince167 / 10

Conspiracy, hunt and a fugitive

For once im pretty convinced by a french movie and that "Kompromat" was pretty nice and have some nice plot in it. The story of conspiracy its not new: we already seen that kind of story but not one that engage Russian governments and the French governments together and accused the russians to put some fake evidences to put a man in danger with the justice because of that. Fake documents and a fake statements of her wife that will know later was forced to make it. I enjoyed also the performances of the actors (gilles Lelouche was pretty interesting but when it come to the sad moments and when he needed to cry i didnt really believe in his sadness: i dont know why but it put me off everytime of the movie and feel that he is playing feel like fake tears but dont know if its only me who think that but that feeling put me off),Svetlana (the dancer who maybe because of her all things get started of the conspiracy because her husband is in relation with the russian organisation and caught them dancing together ). I enjoyed their relationship and how things turned and how Svetlana really help the french man and feel like a god for our fugitive. And the sex scene in the car was pretty sensual. And at the end, our French hero get into a new country where he find his daughter and the police from the new country: where the russians dont have any power here so they let the French out. I found also some shots who can really be predicted: when they danced and the angle of the cam have in it Mathieu, Svetlana and the father of the husband. Was pretty predicted there that the man was involved in the "Kompromat" who accused the French but except that i really like the hunt of the French and even if i found some events pretty predictable, i found the movie interesting enough to make us follow the plot until the end and discover the truth and the persons who are behind this conspiracy and how he get rid of the russians in his hunt. The part where Mathieu get in the french embassy in the russian country make the situation pretty risky for the french government and they clearly want to avoid complications with the russian governements so they adviced to turn himself to the russians and i found the situation pretty believable(i need also to say that movie have true facts in it and even if they take clearly some liberty in the facts). And i found that part pretty believable in a realism that the movie try to aim even if sometimes Svetlana act like a real god and seem pretty illogical but its ok i guess because of her husband so we can still believe the realism of their relationship and except that it was interesting. Nice movie and it end pretty nice for our french man: he get rescued by autorities but he will see again his daughter. It really have some tense moments and a rythm sometimes not really even but still make us interesting by the plot even if i found it pretty simple and not really that complex. But i mean it still pleasant to follow Svetlana and Mathieu. Go check it. I was pretty thrill from the beginning until the end and thats a good thing. Go check it.

Reviewed by steveinadelaide8 / 10

Kept me riveted until the very end

The term "kompromat" refers to a form of blackmail used by the Russian authorities to gain leverage over individuals, and it's a concept at the heart of this gripping thriller which is very loosely based on actual events.

Mathieu (Gilles Lellouche),a member of the French institute in Irkutsk, is arrested overnight by the Russian authorities and accused of a crime he did not commit. He soon realizes he is being used as a scapegoat in an elaborate setup orchestrated to frame him for a crime that never happened.

Left alone and isolated with no one to turn to, Mathieu must find a way to prove his innocence and escape. The journey is filled with tense moments as he navigates through corrupt officials, threats of violence, and an atmosphere of despair.

Gilles Lellouche gives a powerful performance in the lead role, conveying Mathieu's emotions with nuance and intensity. His performance is complemented by a top-notch supporting cast, making the movie an engaging experience. The cinematography is also noteworthy as it captures the claustrophobic atmosphere and oppressive mood of the setting.

The themes of KOMPROMAT also have a contemporary immediacy given the currently tense relationships between Russia and other European countries. It tells an important story about a system designed to control and manipulate its citizens and gives us insight into how our liberties can be taken away.

KOMPROMAT did feel a bit too long, but its intricate plot and detailed character development created a compelling narrative that kept me riveted until the very end.

Reviewed by CarolineFR695 / 10

Very long

This is kind of exactly what I have against French movies. The story is good, the actors are good, the images are good, but the way it is filmed is way too long. It's as if there are 2 different kinds of movies, the comedies and the artsy ones. This one tries to be artsy, with pan shots, and repeating itself so that we understand how much the poor guy waited. I love movies, and I love movies that are a piece of art, because it's gorgeous, and yet it keeps you interested throughout, without needong to take a nap. But this one fails at it. It felt very long, which transpired with me looking at my watch around the 1 hour mark to see how long I was supposed to stay there still. I think the real story of Yoann Barbereau would have been better, rather than VERY loosely basing the movie on it. So much questions remain in the end. Too bad...

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