Knock Knock


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Ana de Armas as Bel
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Keanu Reeves as Evan Webber
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Lorenza Izzo as Genesis
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Colleen Camp as Vivian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zac-048795 / 10

We Want Revenge!

Directed by Eli Roth, Knock Knock is nothing other than a horrible home invasion story of torture and vandalism. It's enough to enrage all audiences and we demand a revenge sequel immediately! Keanu Reeves stars in the film as a hopeless victim of infuriating torture to leave you unsatisfied and angry at an extreme level. But what is good about the movie?

The fact that it's engaging enough to drag you out and supply you with horrible feelings is indeed fairly powerful, but Knock Knock would only be likeable if justice was included. Seriously, a sequel of justice and revenge is needed for the audiences without a single question. So unless you're feeling ready to spend 98 minutes watching an innocent man's life being ruined, simply avoid this one.

Although the power of this movie is appreciable, it's really unfair power. Knock Knock isn't at all a pleasurable movie, and due to the sympathy we'll have for the target of the torment, it's best left avoided for audiences entering the story already feeling angry.

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Reviewed by Prismark103 / 10

Hard Candy

Keanu Reeves stars in the remake of 1977 film, Death Game with elements of Funny Games thrown in and maybe having a subtext underneath of the dangers of inviting in foreigners.

Reeves plays Evan a happily married architect whose Spanish born wife and kids have gone to the beach for the weekend while he has to stay behind and deal with work commitments in his beautiful house.

Pretty soon in heavy rain two nubile young women (Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas) knock on his door, their clothes soaked wet and showing off their bodies. It looks like they have ended up lost looking for a party in the neighbourhood, the gracious Reeves invites them in even offers to dry their clothes but the girls start to make their moves on him offering themselves to him how can he resist even though he does try but, it is like being offered free pizza.

Soon the Izzo and de Armas are playing bizarre mind games as they tell him they are underaged and he has committed a crime, they have filmed him having sex with them. This is a sleazy, erotic dark thriller as Reeves becomes desperate. He does not want his wife to find out that he has cheated on her and he does not want to go to jail. The women turn increasingly violent towards him and their behaviour becomes deviant even leading to death.

Director Eli Roth might had been aiming for some kind of lurid black comedy about the dangers of marital infidelity but the material is just too ridiculous and their are not many laughs to be had in alleged underaged sex and misandry.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle3 / 10

hot crazy chicks

Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves) is home alone after his happy family left for the weekend. He's trying to work when Genesis (Lorenza Izzo) and Bell (Ana de Armas) knock on his door. They're lost and soaking wet. He calls Uber for them but the aggressive flirts have sex with him. As he tries to make them leave the next morning, they turn out to be less than stable.

The idea of hot crazy chicks as horror villains could be fun. Reeves is playing a relative douche which is hard to root for. The girls are not scary. Their characters border on being comical. They keep threatening as underage but they don't look underage. The first time I took as a comedic hollow threat but it's annoying when it keeps coming back. Eli Roth seems to be going for a different kind of horror. I would be a lot happier if Evan punch out the girls and chop them into pieces. This way is a lazy, silly 'Fatal Attraction'. The part with Louis gets too annoying. Everything is too broad, and too obvious. This is not scary nor thrilling. One could almost see this as camp.

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