Knight Rider 2000


Action / Sci-Fi

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Carmen Argenziano Photo
Carmen Argenziano as Russell Maddock / K.I.F.T.
Mitch Pileggi Photo
Mitch Pileggi as Thomas J. Watts
William Daniels Photo
William Daniels as K.I.T.T.
David Hasselhoff Photo
David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Apostic5 / 10

Better Than Expected

So you know where this is coming from: I was in my twenties when Knight Rider ran regularly on NBC. I didn't think much of it then. To me, it was an action-adventure variation on My Mother the Car. So I had low expectations for the return.

My low expectations were easily exceeded. There are some cute plot twists and developments afoot here, bordering on acceptable science fiction. This is NOT great cinema nor film, but it is a fun little movie that doesn't lose sight of what it is.

Reviewed by nathanjamesemerson6 / 10

Not the best follow up to the classic show

I am a huge fan of Knight Rider. I collect all the models, books and comics which have been released.

I was hooked on the show when I was a kid in the 80's.

After they unwisely cancelled the show, I never thought I would see anything Knight Rider related again. Until one day my mother rented Knight Rider 2000 home unexpectedly from the video store.

Needless to say I was really excited. After watching the made for tv film, I was let down.

It was a very touching moment to see Michael and Devon reunite. And it was even more exciting to see Michael see KITT for the first time in years. But they were the best parts of the movie.

It was blasphemy to not include KITT in his trans am form. It was also shocking that there were no stunts at all featuring KITT in the Banshee car. Unless you count the scene when he drives on water. Not very exciting or thrilling. And the computer effects were rather bad. KITT didn't need any of the rubbish displayed on his windscreen in the original.

His new partner Shawn was rather annoying. She was ok, but hardly a match for KITT, even sharing an implant in her head related to him.

The most shocking thing of all was killing off Devon. There was no need for that and it honestly served no purpose.

And the personality of KITT himself changed. He was a smart a$$. He could be sarcastic in the original but this new tone did not suit him at all.

It was a backdoor pilot which would have maybe got interesting if a series was picked up. But it seemed like they didn't care. Those who made it never understood the appeal of the original and this comes off more as a cheap low budget fan film which happens to feature some stars from the original.

If you want to see a more true sequel to the original show, watch the 2008 series instead which ignores the events of this movie as well as the awful Team Knight Rider Show which came out in the mid 90's

Reviewed by RavenGlamDVDCollector1 / 10


Total embarrassingly bad junk. Just goes to show, new isn't always better. You'd think WOW all those years later, all the new technology... but nah! Wonder what Mr. Larson thought of this pathetic effort? The car is surprisingly bad. I can just see the executives at Pontiac smirking and shaking their heads. That Dodge Stealth is all flash and no style. I didn't like the female lead at first, but I did warm to her further on in. But one thing's for sure. In 1991, lots of old boys born during the mid-Seventies settled in and started to watch. Collective cry rang out... "What's this? KNIGHT RIDER without K.I.T.T.?" Channels were flipped, the commercials on the other networks were much, much better.

No Bonnie, no April, Michael is a dejected has-been, no Knight truck, very few car chase scenes...

Worst thing to inflict on a KNIGHT RIDER fan.

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