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Reviewed by chenp-547088 / 10

Brutal, Harsh and Gripping

Saw this back at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival

When I first heard about this at Sundance, I didn't know what to think about it as I have never seen a movie from Ukraine before and this was a weird synopsis. However, after viewing it, it's very clear that Maryna Er Gorbach has a great future of making possible masterpieces of Ukraine cinema. Gorbach offers such an brutal look of the political situation between Ukraine and Russia through the lens of a couple struggling to go on with their days. Throughout the movie, there are many incredible long but realistic takes of characters walking around and speaking which really helped to add the realism and brutal nature of what the characters were facing. All performances were amazing and the characters felt so real as if you are really witnessing them going through this troubles.

The execution is perfectly made as it shows that Gorbach really cares about her craft. Beautiful sound designs and there were some moments that made me feel really uneasy but in a good way. The feeling of uneasy because it was quite brutal and hard to stomach at times. Pacing did drag a little but it wasn't something that ruined my entire experience with this movie.

Rating: A-

Reviewed by oncelivingsol8 / 10

New Life, Squashed Between The Sides

New generation of people, born and raised during the occupation is one of the greatest tragedies that modern Ukraine has faced and going to face in the future.

This movie is telling the story of the origin of this trauma, without answering the question of how to cure it, and doing it in quite a brutal way.

The cinematography is beautiful. It consists of mostly static frames of soulless people and machines, whom are really busy with butchering both nature and themselves, without questioning the moral of their deeds even once, and a single human soul, terribly afraid of unknown and a savage new reality. She hides the disbelief in silence while waiting the moment of birth.

In general, it's a worthy contender for being the one of the best war movie of the modern Ukrainian cinema, it is getting really close to Atlantis, which I consider the pinnacle of this genre.

Reviewed by linagorbach10 / 10

Such talented film

It kept me in suspense while watching the movie.

A story familiar to Ukrainians before the full-scale invasion, and familiar - after.

You watch a movie, and you realize that Ukrainians are different, even though they were born on the same land. And you often ask yourself the question: why are we so different?

Personalities are always interesting to watch. How they show their character in different situations. Why do feelings control them?

You want to watch the emotional life of the characters. You want to worry for them, to believe. Ukrainians are not immigrants, we are in our own territory. This is our land!

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