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Reviewed by zeki-48 / 10

A positive surprise

This little gem made me feel stupid, which is a good thing.

What starts off as a by-the-numbers thriller about a killer who visits a shrink to get some kind of closure, turns into something completely different by the end with a plot twist I didn't see coming, although there were several hints given throughout the first hour.

I am not going to spoil things here, but the build-up is just spot on. Cleverly written. We need more movies likes this.

Reviewed by Pairic8 / 10

An Interesting Analysis

The Last Client: Danish Nordic Noir. Susanne ( Signe Egholm Olsen) is a psychotherapist, her last client of the day Mark ( Anton Hjejle) seems, a little bit odd, paying the receptionist in advance in cash, notes and change. He is soon in control of the therapy session and shows just how murderous he is. She has to endure his game playing , knowing that her family may be at risk. We've already seen Mark at work, arriving at a victim's home dressed as a surgeon. Overpowering the woman he operates on her without anesthesia, removing a fetus which he places in a jar. (Not a spoiler, it's the opening sequence of the film.) This is not the only horrific scene in a film which is replete with disturbing sequences. The sound is very important, being followed on a cobbled street, a torn poster fluttering, someone thinking they heard a scream but dismissing it. There are some important plot twists which cannot be revealed here, perhaps one twist too many. The film is well worth watching though with great performances from Olsen and Hjejle, the tension is maintained throughout the 95 minute running time as the focus shifts from a clinic to woods. Directed & Co-Written by Anders Rønnow Klarlund. 8/10.

Reviewed by DerRalf7 / 10

It's not what they say it is

I stumbled upon this little thriller reading a marketing text with an interesting premise. A star psychologist receives an appointment of a serial killer. She only has time until the end of the scheduled session to heal him, or she will be his next victim.

This sounded very intriguing. Sadly the movie did not deliver on this premise. The moment the psychologist got scared and began screaming I knew there was something wrong. What I expected was a match of wits, clever dialogues and two sharp minds trying to outsmart each other. I only got half of what I expected. Don't get me wrong. This movie is quite smart and enjoyable, but it gets nowhere near the quality of Hannibal Lecter vs. Clarice Starling.

There is a final twist in the story which You will see coming from miles away. After the relationship of the killer and the psychologist is revealed, everything will start to get more and more obvious. You will know where all of this leads to way before the main protagonists realizes, what is going on.

I liked the way the actors portrayed their characters, although the script seemed to have left little room for them for interpretation. My major concern lies with the character of the psychologist. Her actions become more and more erratic as the story progresses. In the end she seems totally incapable of analytical behaviour and even loses her temper while talking to the police. I am afraid that too many viewers will think this happens, because she is a woman...

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