King Charles: The Boy Who Walked Alone



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Reviewed by workoutsmurf1 / 10


Is this what the world needs now, a propaganda piece about an elitist WEF sellout? A "man" who condemns those who drive or fly, yet he has no problem jetting all over the world wherever he wishes to go. This show was nothing more than bloated journalism, made to show him in the best possible light. Yet we know he is anything but what they show us, even possibly, and most probably the cause of Diana's death. There is nothing to be learned of value from this TV show, simple regurgitation of stuff we have all heard before, nothing new, nothing of any real value to our lives. It is made to show him in a sympathetic light, yet how do you sympathize with someone who believes he is above everyone else, and that the simple "peasants" need to do as they are told.

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