Kill Them All and Come Back Alone

1968 [ITALIAN]

Action / Western

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Reviewed by unbrokenmetal7 / 10

Gold, guns and Testosterone

This is a Testosterone driven movie, if I ever saw one. Normally in westerns, the hero would have a love interest or at least a few saloon dancers will appear to provide a bit of eye candy. "Ammazzali tutti e torna solo", though, has absolutely no female person in the cast. It is just a bunch of rogues fighting for a few boxes of gold, and that's all there is of a story. Constant action and violence keeps you on the edge of your seat, it's a tremendous roller-coaster ride. Tall Chuck Connors walks through this happy massacre with a broad smile to show white teeth, while Frank Wolff plays his most dangerous opponent and a bunch of familiar genre actors like Ken Wood, Leo Anchoriz and Alberto dell'Acqua take care of guns, dynamite, knives and anything else that makes holes in people. Kind of fun, but on the other hand not all movies need to be like this for my taste.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca7 / 10

Action-packed western from Enzo G. Castellari

KILL THEM ALL AND COME BACK ALONE is a lively spaghetti western made in 1968 by famed action director Enzo G. Castellari. It's one of his earlier productions, lacking the kind of super slow motion he added to his later crime thrillers, but nonetheless a well-paced and engaging western story with plenty going on.

The film is headlined by imported American star Chuck Connors, making good of his role. He's tasked with leading a group of undesirables (shades of THE DIRTY DOZEN) to get hold of a gold shipment, but as in virtually any film or genre involving gold, there's plenty of double crossing and scenes of thieves falling out.

This film has near constant action to enjoy and all of it is above average. Ken Wood plays a half-Indian guy who does all kind of acrobatics and throws knives around with deadly precision. Connors is a master gunfighter and slightly amoral, which makes his character interesting. The sun-drenched locations and supporting cast add to the experience; you can feel the grime and the desperation to get rich. Castellari once again delivers the goods with aplomb.

Reviewed by merklekranz7 / 10

The Invincible Seven .........

Glorious "Spaghetti Western" made shortly after "The Good The Bad And The Ugly", which utilized some of the G. B. & U. sets and props. The movie has a grand scope which takes full advantage of the Spanish desert location shooting. There is not a single female in the film, so it gets right down to business, with no romantic distractions. Basically the plot revolves around Chuck Conners assembling a band of particularly skilled baddies, to help him steal Union gold coins for the Confederate high command, represented by Frank Wolfe. Never before have just seven men defeated almost an entire Union Army, until finally the band of cutthroats begin turning against each other. The film is not perfect. It is perhaps a bit too long. There is too much redundant slaughter of soldiers. The acrobatics and stunt work, while impressive, often seems out of place. Nevertheless, this should be considered as one of the best non Leone : Spaghetti Westerns." MERK

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