Kevin Smith: Sold Out - A Threevening with Kevin Smith


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Reviewed by dairylanddon6 / 10

3 Good Things, 1 Bad Thing about... A Threevening with Kevin Smith

ONE GOOD THING: To the casual Kevin Smith fan, this collection of "blue" stories and gossip-y musings, recorded on the director's 37th birthday, will cause massive chuckles and give insight into the absurd world of Hollywood movie making.

ANOTHER GOOD THING: The third in a series of packaged Question and Answer sessions, this particular installment is slightly more entertaining than "Evening 2: Evening Harder," yet not quite as broad in scope or topics as the original and very watchable, "An Evening with Kevin Smith."

EVEN ANOTHER GOOD THING: Kevin Smith's charm and comedic story telling ability make most of his recollections mistake-able for stand-up comedy routines, as well as causing nearly 5 hours (not the "over 5," the packaging claims) to disappear with a wide smile.

ONE BAD THING: Due to much of Smith's life being accessible to his fans through websites, "smodcasts," commentaries, and printed/online diaries, he unfortunately plagiarizes himself and forces his die-hard fans to double pay for the same stories.


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Reviewed by loleralacartelort78907 / 10

I was entertained, but the third was not as good as the first one

I have been a fan of Kevin smith ever since i saw Dogma. Since I've seen all the films he made, including the live-shows: evening with Kevin smith 1 and 2. So when i heard a third one came out i was very happy.

I got the DVD a month ago and personally i was pretty entertained. It is a must for all Kevin smith fans. But i have a few critical points: I think that the parts about Kevin smiths dogs and the part about Bruce Willis was pretty cool. But it took TOO MUCH time of the overall show. Talking about Kevin's dog and Bruce Willis bald head was almost 95 % of ALL the show. The parts were funny. But the editors of that show should have used MUCH more time on all the small talk and small things that was SOOOO FUNNY in the first one: an evening with Kevin smith 1.

But they could have made the third one ALMOST AS FUNNY as the first one. They could have done this by INCLUDING THE EXTRA SCENES.

In the extra/deleted scenes Kevin smith answers questions in a few minutes, and he gives information that i was VERY glad to receive. Did any of you know that there actually was a Clerks TV-series planned, and that the pilot actually was filmed? That was golden information. Kevin Smith also gives great information about his visit to the Battlestar Galactica set and a funny answer about a possibly "DOGMA 2". That was the most interesting information in "an evening with Kevin smith 3".

I bought the DVD to get information, as the ones i found in the extra material. But instead I've got a one-man show by Kevin smith about Kevin smith - which is funny, but it gets old.

Nuff said

Reviewed by Desperado2958 / 10

The ONE problem with Kevin Smith's QA's is...

how he goes on and on and on about one question. He went rambling on about dogs and it actually got quite boring, you could actually see some bored faces in the audience. It does get better later on but that wasn't a good way to start this DVD off with. There are some things that I think he should keep to himself like him doing his wife. I wonder how she feels about it.

I like Kevin Smith and his movies but if he can just tighten it down and stay on the subject at hand it could go a lot better. I wish more directors would do things like this. I would like to see Michael Bay, Tony Scott, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino do this.

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