2022 [KANNADA]

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by suhas-0159210 / 10

Masterpiece ???

What a movie... I was literally blown away by the dedication and acting of Rishabh Shetty. You need guts to pick the topic and execute in such a nice way. Mark my words this movie will get National Award. BGM, cinematography, direction and acting all were topnotch. Final 20 minutes of climax is unbelievable... never expected Rishabh Shetty got such an acting skill. Achyutha Kumar, Kishore acted really well... Daiva, kola, bootharadhane, kambala the classic culture of the Karavali Karnataka has been shown superbly. Goosebumps expected at every scene. Dont miss the climax its the core ot the movie.

Reviewed by sivaprasad13476 / 10

Severely overrated

DId I watch a different Kantara ?

Initial minutes of the movie was interesting as it was building a mystery around the villagers and demigods. I was expecting a decent fantasy mystery movie. But after a particular scene, the movie shifted its pivot to a different issue and it stayed there till the end. It was frustratingly boring in the second half and it killed all the interest I had watching the first few minutes of the movie. Then, the movie slowly decayed into the same old stuff we have seen 100 times before. Costumes are different, setting is different but core stuff is the same.

The last few minutes were good from a performance point of view, but it felt like pointless as at that point, the movie became something else and it didn't matter to the overall outcome of the movie.

Animations and VFX were good but could have been better. Especially the wild bore scenes felt a little short and didn't blend well with the scene.

Overall, its certainly a one time watchable movie with good cinematic experience but without a plot.

Reviewed by sosrivi6 / 10

Very confused and blur, why its so hyped...

Apart from the culture aspect in movie. I find the story is very flat and screenplay is like very boring.

A perdictable villan, so blunder hero and heroine scene. Which never worked for me. The music and climax stunt is the saviour of the movie. If not there is nothing much this movie can offer me. There no a clear explaination why the god choosed him. He is just a loafer. Never do much all he does is going for hunt, drinking liquor, smoking weed and bring trouble for people. Brother who devoted to the god dies. Does not make sense. Just because he is a hero he gets everything done i guess... A very average revenge story with culture and region based it went sensation.

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